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How Outdoor Boiler Found Lifetime Customers Using Digital Marketing

Monthly Ad Spend: $4,000

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Outdoor Boiler manufactures replacement parts for outdoor wood furnaces. These furnaces are used under extreme conditions in remote locations where a regular water boiler isn’t able to function; so the outdoor wood furnace is used to heat the water instead. As of January 2020, the EPA no longer permits the sale of outdoor wood furnaces, which makes Outdoor Boiler the perfect solution for their maintenance needs.

Key Metrics

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“Reach” Goal Achieved in One Year

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Increase in New Sitewide Users

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Top 1%

Growth Rate on Shopify

“The team at Logical Position never ceases to amaze me. I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am with this agency. We never dreamed we’d become this successful—we’re setting all sorts of company records, none of which would have been possible if we hadn’t partnered with LP.”

-Warren Walborn, Outdoor Boiler’s President & CEO

Why’d They Come to LP?

Outdoor Boiler had been running paid search ads on their own with decent results—but knew there was additional market share out there. Their internal marketing team didn’t have time to optimize their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, so the owner decided it was time to turn to the experts, and the partnership with Logical Position (LP) was born. Warren told us he wanted to grow the Outdoor Boiler brand, and increase the profitability in the account. Since purchasing a new outdoor wood furnace isn’t an option for consumers, there’s a fixed market for replacement parts—and Warren knew he’d find lifetime customers if we could get his ads in front of the right people.

Case Study - Outdoor Boiler

What Strategy Was Used?

Since Outdoor Boiler supplies such a niche market, it was important for our team to exclusively target consumers that have an outdoor boiler. We set up location targeting in the Midwest, which frequently experiences periods of inclement weather that requires outdoor wood-fired boilers. By negating major cities, we were able to target rural areas that don’t have access to gas and pipelines to heat their water, which provided a much richer prospect pool to draw from.

Next, our team honed in on our target impression share. This is a Smart Bidding strategy that sets bids with the goal of showing Outdoor Boiler’s ads at the absolute top of the page. We set a max bid limit on our ads to make sure we were staying in line with budget targets, with the goal of showing up 90% of the time in the top impression share results. This meant that our ads were taking the top placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and showing to consumers who were most likely to own an outdoor boiler. We also factored in seasonality—repairs on outdoor boilers have to be done when the ground isn’t frozen, since you have to dig into the ground to replace the pipes. This meant that spring, summer, and early fall would be the best time to show our ads, since it’d be when most people are doing maintenance on their boilers.

Case Study - Outdoor Boiler

What Were the Results

Warren definitely found his lifetime customers. We’ve achieved a 3.5x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)—meaning for every $1 spent on advertising, Warren makes $3.50 back. The client frequently stresses how much more business Outdoor Boiler has seen since working with LP, so much that they even hit their “reach goal” in 2020 of $900,000 in revenue in one year—something Warren never thought they’d be able to hit.

November 2020 was Outdoor Boiler’s best ever November in sales, with revenue up 23% year-over-year (YoY). We’d already been working with Outdoor Boiler in 2019, which goes to show that things just continue to improve when you work with us. Year-to-date revenue is up 99% over the first quarter in 2020; meaning we were able to double our revenue in a year. Our brand awareness has grown considerably, too, with sitewide users up 208% and new users up 204%.

Case Study - Outdoor Boiler

We’re not the only ones who have noticed Outdoor Boiler’s amazing results. Their eCommerce platform, Shopify, reported that Outdoor Boiler is one of the highest growth brands on Shopify in 2020. Outdoor Boiler’s recent growth rate of their store is in the top 1% of over one million brands on Shopify.

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