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How Outrigger Outdoors Saw a 121% Increase in New Sitewide Users

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Outrigger Outdoors is the premier manufacturer of high-quality bowfishing and flounder gigging equipment, as well as hog and predator hunting light systems. With lines of lights built for bowfishing, flounder gigging, hog hunting, and coyote hunting, they have field-tested lighting solutions to give you the edge on your next fishing or hunting outing.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue

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Increase in New Users

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Increase in Purchases

“The Logical Position marketing team has helped Outrigger Outdoors appear bigger than we actually are and scale at a fast pace. Their wide range of experts that specialize in their own marketing silos add tremendous value to any business.”

-Trevor R. Haechten, Owner of Outrigger Outdoors

SEO Goals

  • To drive online eCommerce sales
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase domain authority
Case Study - Outrigger Outdoors

SEO Approach

Over the course of the campaign, Logical Position performed several tasks to help meet Outrigger Outdoors’ primary goal: to increase online sales. LP started by optimizing blog posts and collections pages with keyword-focused metadata and content as well as completing various technical work. Each month, LP also spent time monitoring the site’s general performance, which included checking for keyword ranking changes and any technical issues that may affect the site performance or user experience. Additionally, the team strategically optimized Outrigger Outdoors’ existing blogs and tied them in with LP’s back linking strategy. This helped increase the site’s domain authority and overall organic presence.

SEO Results

In December 2019, Outrigger Outdoors partnered with Logical Position with a 10-hour consulting package. Then in August 2020, they increased their package to a National – Intermediate SEO campaign.

Since working together, Outrigger Outdoors has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. LP was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic and helped Outrigger Outdoors continue to grow throughout the duration of the campaign. Comparing growth from December 2019 to April 2021, Outrigger Outdoors’ keywords have grown 131% from 1,652 to 3,814. When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 140% from December 2019 with 281 keywords to April 2021 with 673 keywords.


1,652 Keywords
91 in Top 3 Positions

December 2019

281 First Page

December 2019

3,814 Keywords
262 in Top 3 Positions

April 2021

673 First Page

April 2021

Targeted Keywords

From December 2019 to April 2021

8th 4th Position

“flounder gigging lights”

1,300 searches per month

12th 8th Position

“gigging supplies”

30 searches per month

34th 18th Position

“predator hunting lights”

1,300 searches per month


Based on Google Analytics data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from December 2019 to April 2021. Outrigger Outdoors saw a 124% increase in users to its site (3,266 to 7,207), an 121% increase in new users (3,266 to 7,207), a 144% increase in sessions (4,254 to 10,379), a 236% increase in transactions (39 to 131), and even increased their revenue by 358%.

December 2019
April 2021
Outrigger Outdoors - SEO Analytics 1


Increase in Users (sitewide)

Outrigger Outdoors - SEO Analytics 2


Increase in New Users (sitewide)

Outrigger Outdoors - SEO Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

Outrigger Outdoors - SEO Analytics 4


Increase in Transactions (sitewide)

Social Goals

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase domain authority
  • To maintain a 5x ROAS
Case Study - Outrigger Outdoors

Social Approach

In September 2019, Outrigger Outdoors started a prospecting remarketing package with Logical Position’s Paid Social team. LP’s remarketing ad strategy featured a mix of static creatives, but it also tested many different audiences and ad types. LP solidified creative testing along the way and now knows what will perform the best for the Outrigger Outdoors’ target audiences.

Due to the seasonality of the client’s products and hunting/fishing season/laws, their ads reflect the products they specifically want to highlight (Flounder Gigging & Bow Fishing). Since October 2020, LP has been running a hybrid campaign to include both RM/MF audiences, resulting in optimal performance thus far.

Social Results

From October 2019 to April 2021, Outrigger Outdoors saw a tremendous increase in growth from LP’s Paid Social efforts. This is a result of a change in their strategy—adding a prospecting package back in September 2019. Integrating this type of campaign required an increase in spending; however, it naturally increased reach and revenue.

October 2019
April 2021
Outrigger Outdoors - Social Analytics 1


Increase in

Outrigger Outdoors - Social Analytics 2


Increase in

Outrigger Outdoors - Social Analytics 3


Increase in Purchase Conversion Value

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Increase in
Add To Cart

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Increase in Average
Order Value

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Increase in

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