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How a Century-Old Fencing Company Leaped Over and Into a Successful Conversion Strategy

Monthly Ad Spend: $5,500

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One hundred years in business is an incredible milestone. However, to sustain success for that long, an innovative shift in strategy is required to keep any legacy alive. Pacific Fence knew that it was time to reinvent their digital marketing strategy and came to LP to pinpoint where their core customers originated, who their new customers could be, and how to reach them. We had the perfect conversion formula to help them open the gateway to a broader clientele while capturing key data through phone call tracking.

About Pacific Fence & Wire

Pacific Fence & Wire (PF&W), based in Oregon, is a family-owned and operated supplier that has been serving the greater Pacific Northwest since 1921. With over 100 years in business, they take pride in providing the highest quality craftsmanship and service available. From residential or recreational to commercial and agricultural needs, they supply and install the finest fencing materials to meet their clients’ requirements. Whether it’s securing a premise or adding an aesthetic touch, the team at PF&W is passionate about finding best-in-class solutions to get the job done right.

PF&W Goals

Target specific income levels to secure larger projects.

Acquire additional significant contracts, including municipalities.

Gain traction in non-branded campaigns.

Expand the installation side of the business.

Pacific Fence Wire - Targets

A Rusted Ad Campaign

Before partnering with LP in 2020, PF&W ran a small budget Google Ads campaign that only targeted branded terms, missing out on a large portion of potential buyers looking for fence and wire solutions. They were solely capturing demand from people searching for them by name, which was a dated method that didn’t drive new growth. They wanted to broaden and reshape their reach but lacked the bandwidth to do so. That’s where we came in.

A New Way To Build A Client Base

Clean Up the Yard

PF&W was running two separate websites that LP merged into one unified online presence, streamlining their orders and directing all their business through a single channel.

Look Who’s Calling

We discovered that inbound phone calls were the primary call to action (CTA) for their lead generation business. However, without call tracking in place, PF&W was missing critical close-rate details necessary to attribute revenue to their campaigns, rendering any attempts at true data analysis futile.

CallRail to the Rescue

Leveraging our partnership with CallRail to implement call tracking and record inbound interactions was a game-changer. With this partnership in place, we could identify which ads worked and with which audiences. The campaigns continued to improve with the addition of negative keywords to further refine the target audience of high-spending clientele.

Case Study - Pacific Fence Wire

New Fences to Build

We strategically incorporated search and display ads, tailoring them to audiences seeking vinyl and chain-link fencing installations. This approach not only targeted specific income brackets for larger projects but also extended our reach to secure significant contracts, including those with municipalities.

The Results

Since working with PF&W in February 2020, we’ve helped them simplify their marketing efforts and achieve greater success with less resources and no wasted budget. By capturing more non-branded traffic, the results have continued to scale year-over-year alongside our continued strategy adjustments. This has helped our team continue to achieve incremental gains on the account without increased budget.

Comparing February through July 2023 with the prior six months (August 2022 to January 2023), our audience targeting has led to a 5.28% increase in clicks with a 3.71% decrease in CPCs (cost per click), while the click-through rate (CTR) has risen by 10.83%.

Our campaigns have also achieved the following results in that same time period:

Pacific Fence Wire - Results 1


Increase in Conversions

Pacific Fence Wire - Results 2


Increase in Conversion rate

Pacific Fence Wire - Results 3


Decrease in CPA

A Legacy Company, Now With A Brighter Future

Case Study - Pacific Fence Wire

“Working with LP has streamlined our marketing efforts and produced predictability in our inbound leads and outbound marketing efforts. Not only have they helped us reach new clients without using additional budget, but they’ve also freed up bandwidth on our team so we can focus on best serving our customers, just as we have for the past 101 years here in the Pacific Northwest.”

— Bill Schoenheit

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