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How Passanante’s Home Food Services Earned 1,152 Leads In One Year

Monthly Ad Spend: $5,400

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Passanante’s Home Food Services is the solution for families facing a busy schedule who want the convenience of fresh food at their fingertips. The company delivers a variety of foods to customers who don’t have time to go to the grocery store—and will even put the groceries away in the customers’ freezers and pantries. Passanante’s Home Food Services offers a wide selection of meats, vegetables, and pastas free of chemicals and preservatives—making them the perfect choice for the family that’s always on-the-go.

Key Metrics

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Conversions in One Year

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New Visitors to the Website

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Calls from Paid Search Ads

“Before we started working with LP our Google Ads were struggling to produce enough leads to justify even the modest budget we had allocated for them. There were too many other pressing marketing needs for us to dedicate the necessary time to manage the campaigns effectively. After only a few months with LP, Google became one of our top sources for leads, and within 6 months we had completely redistributed our ad budget to DOUBLE our spend! Knowing that our ad dollars are being spent and managed appropriately is a huge relief and has led to a noticeable improvement in our lead acquisition efforts!”

-Amanda Jane Snasel, Passanante’s Chief Digital Officer

Why’d They Come to LP?

Passanante’s had been running Google Ads on their own for a few years, but wasn’t seeing much success. Their website is set up to generate as many leads as possible—there are multiple contact forms that customers can fill out, plus a service request form, and a form for requesting a sample. Passanante’s didn’t have conversion tracking set up properly in their account, which made it difficult to figure out if their campaigns were performing effectively or not. The owner felt like she was wasting money on advertising, but knew that having successful paid search campaigns could be really beneficial for Passanante’s. When Logical Position (LP) reached out, Passanante’s decided it was time to hand the reins over to the experts.

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team began by evaluating Passanante’s old Google Ads campaigns and analyzing the Search Terms Report (STR). We noticed that the campaigns were pulling in a lot of irrelevant traffic; consumers who were researching specific food products or types of food were clicking on ads for Passanante’s, which was wasting money. Our team did a lot of keyword research to figure out what would pull in the most relevant traffic for Passanante’s. From there, we built out our campaigns using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs), which allowed us to see at a very granular level how each keyword was performing, and adjust the budget accordingly.

Case Study - Passanante’s Home Food Services

We built out an extensive Negative Keyword List to filter out consumers searching for large meal delivery services like Blue Apron and Home Chef—these keywords have a higher cost-per-click (CPC), and Passanante’s is catering to a more localized audience when it comes to meal delivery. Next, our team created Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), which are dynamically generated search ads based off of the content on Passanante’s website. This type of ad lets us utilize Google’s web crawling feature to advertise the actual content on the website, which allows our team to pick up any stray keywords that might not be in our SKAG campaigns. As Passanante’s campaigns started seeing traction, we started running ads using Microsoft Advertising, too. This gave us access to the Bing search engine, which typically sees an older audience demographic—and exactly the right audience for Passanante’s to be showing ads to.

What Were the Results?

Businesses using paid search for lead generation have results that are harder to track than those doing eCommerce, which is why Passanante’s was struggling to navigate Google Ads on their own. Luckily, our team installed codes on the backend of Passanante’s website to track phone calls and contact form submissions for the business. In the first 6 months of our partnership, we brought in 526 conversions. Since then, we’ve increased conversions by 19%—the last 6 months we saw 626 conversions.

Case Study - Passanante’s Home Food Services

Since we started, we’ve seen 386 phone calls to Passanante’s as a result of our paid search ads, and 688 forms submitted to request a food sample. The Passanante’s website has seen 19,417 new visitors over the last year thanks to our campaigns. The company has seen so much new business that they’ve increased their ad spend by $3,400—which will drive even more revenue, creating a long-lasting snowball effect that will positively impact Passanante’s for years to come.

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