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How POC Sports Earned An 18x ROAS

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POC Sports is a globally recognized Swedish brand that manufactures skiing, snowboarding and cycling helmets, along with apparel and sunglasses for action sports enthusiasts. The company places an emphasis on safety and reducing the consequences of accidents. People all over the world love the brand and appreciate the simplicity and functionality that accompanies Swedish design.

Key Metrics

POC Sports - Key Metric 1

$2.3 Million

Increase in Global Revenue from Paid Search

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Additional Conversions from Paid Search

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Back for Every $1 Spent on Advertising from Paid Social

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Saved on Advertising Money from Paid Social

The Goals

POC Sports came to Logical Position (LP) to grow their direct-to-consumer eCommerce channel, which was a small fraction of their business compared to the traditional retail merchandising they built the brand on. We started with a goal of 10% growth in sales from paid search ads (Google) and paid social ads (Facebook and Instagram). Ultimately, with an above average customer lifetime value, POC was looking to profitably recruit consumers to the brand. They wanted to increase overall search volume, and in turn, product awareness of the brand name.

The Strategy

LP implemented a combination of digital ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram to increase performance and drive revenue. For our paid search campaigns, we used high-frequency ad copy iterations to show new, distinctive ads and products to their target audience of outdoor thrill seekers. From there, we aligned our display and YouTube ads with POC’s new product launches, sales promotions, and overall product performance. Finally, we segmented our shopping campaigns between trademark search terms, such as “POC Sports” and non-trademarked, such as “cycling helmets”, which allowed our team to keep new acquisitions separate from lifetime value customers.

On the paid social side of things, we layered our audience approach by focusing on seasonal product shifts. From late fall to early spring, we went after snow interests, while in late spring and summer, we segmented into road cycling and mountain biking audiences. We enabled these groups by using standard 1% and 2% lookalike audiences, but also added an additional layer of interest-based targeting to more specifically focus on seasonal groups within product shifts.

Case Study - POC Sports

Within each audience, we served ads tailored to the needs and interests of that specific group to increase ad relevance. Using this strategy, we were able to generate a significant volume of direct purchases from cold audiences, meaning consumers who were previously unfamiliar with POC, which is a tremendous value-add for the client.

For both regions, we simultaneously ran dynamic remarketing and static remarketing campaigns. The goal of static remarketing was to capture purchases from people who visited the site, but who did not look at any specific products, and instead maybe just poked certain pages. We served seasonal product ads to the top 25% of users who visited specific category pages on the site. Then, with our dynamic remarketing efforts, we were able to target people who did view specific products and show them that product as well as similar products to pull someone into a conversion. Both campaigns generate fantastic returns while targeting different segments of a warm audience—all while minimizing audience overlap and maximizing spending efficacy.


POC Sports - Increase Conversions

By combining search and social ad campaigns, we far exceeded the desired 10% growth in sales. Total global revenue from paid search increased by 134%, which was equivalent to over $2.3 million in sales. In the past 17 months, we’ve seen an increase of 6,298 conversions compared to the same time-period prior to working with LP. Additionally, we were able to show a 91% increase of users on their website, which in turn broadened their brand exposure…exactly as planned.

In April 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, POC added 203,606 new users on their website as a result of LP’s paid search campaigns.

The paid social campaigns were equally successful. POC Sports spent $15,000 less on Facebook and Instagram advertising, while generating an additional $60,000 in revenue. For every $1 POC spent on advertising, the Swedish company made $18 back. In just two quarters, POC’s conversions shot up to 1,947 purchases made from Facebook and Instagram advertising. Looking to save money on advertising during these uncertain times? Look no further than Logical Position.

“POC is confident with Logical Position to make real-time data-driven decisions to further increase our consumer reach, while maximizing revenue and efficiency gains. We are proud to call Logical Position a partner!”

-Elan Maj, POC’s North American Digital Manager

Looking to save money on advertising during these uncertain times? Look no further than Logical Position.

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