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How Research Products/Blankenship Increased Paid Traffic By 60%

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Research Products/Blankenship (RPB) manufactures an entirely unique product— a waterless toilet. It’s called the Incinolet, and it uses electric heat to reduce human waste to a small amount of clean ash, allowing the toilet to be installed in places that are not linked up to a conventional sewage system. The toilets are bringing better sanitation to underprivileged parts of the world, and are environmentally friendly— they save 2,000 gallons of water per year and require no water, gas, or chemicals. If you’re looking for a company that’s truly making an impact, look no further than RPB.

In just the first 30 days of working with us…

Key Metrics

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Increase in Google Ad Revenue

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Increase in Overall Website Transactions

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Increase in Paid Traffic

RPB sell their Incinolet toilets exclusively online through their eCommerce website, and had been running paid search ads to drive additional online traffic and increase sales. Although RPB was managing their pay-per-click ads effectively, they felt they weren’t seeing the amount of sales they wanted for the amount of money they were spending. Which meant it was time to get in touch with the experts. After some research, RPB decided to partner with Logical Position (LP) for help managing their paid search ads.

RPB had several distinct goals they wanted to meet when they started with LP. First, they wanted to increase their revenue from Google Ads— who doesn’t! But they also wanted to push more sales in Canada so that they could gain a larger market share in the country. Finally, they wanted to expand their online presence to other platforms they hadn’t used before.

The Strategy

LP created highly segmented campaigns using the single product ad groups style. This allowed us to maximize control of RPB’s budgets, so that we could spend money on the products and locations that were seeing the highest return on ad spend. We started by advertising in the U.S., and once we had pinpointed a strategy that worked in that market, we set our sights on Canada. Having LP manage their campaigns has helped RPB grow their presence in Canada and significantly expand their market share there.

Once our Google Ads campaigns got off the ground in the U.S. and Canada, it was time to expand to new platforms. We first expanded our reach by getting RPB on Microsoft Advertising, which allowed the company to advertise to customers they were previously missing out on entirely. Since paid search was doing so well, RPB expanded partnership with us to include running their paid social ads.

Case Study - Research Products/Blankenship

The Results

Using paid social has allowed us to expand RPB’s brand awareness and reach customers who weren’t actively searching on the web— LP is meeting goals RPB didn’t even know they had!

“LP has played a vital role in the phenomenal growth we’ve experienced as a company. They’ve helped us develop a tailored digital marketing strategy, which has led to a major boost in sales and return on investment!” said RPB’s owner. Curious about some of the outcomes we’ve achieved? Sure you are. Through their partnership with LP, RPB’s paid traffic increased by 51%. Paid search revenue increased by 515.58%, conversion rates increased by 86%, and overall transactions on the website increased by 187%.

Impressed yet? It gets better – those statistics are from just the first 30 days of working with us. Talk about making an impact.

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