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Revolve LED Gaining More Than 12 Million Impressions

Paid Search Ad Spend: $18,500
Amazon Ad Spend: $3,000
Email Ad Spend: $2,000

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Revolve LED (RL) is a direct-to-consumer supplier of energy-efficient LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Their product offerings go beyond lamps and overhead office lighting, to a full suite of illumination solutions for commercial and residential applications. All RL products are sustainably manufactured, with 100% recycled materials, mercury-free, and complete with certification by leading government organizations.

Key Metrics

Revolve LED - Key Metric 1

12+ Million


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Increase in Clicks

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Increase in ROAS

Case Study - Revolve LED

“We were looking for a proactive partner to manage our digital marketing, and that’s just what we got with LP. They have always updated us with campaign performance, potential optimizations, and market opportunities. As a business, we appreciate the over-communication and attention to detail. Super impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and talent that Karly Scott and her team provided!”

— Ben Liu, Account Manager, Revolve LED

Why Logical Position?

Prior to partnering with LP, RL worked with another agency that couldn’t quite show them the light. Frustrated by a lack of communication and active account management, RL pursued a more adequate agency to manage their ad spend budget. At the time, they were excited about LP’s transparent approach to dual account ownership, while empowering LP’s active management and proactive communication with new strategies to scale the account.

Paid Search Approach

To establish a baseline, we built out traditional manual campaigns with Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG) and Single Product Ad Groups (SPAG). This gave us greater control in understanding the data, and helped us isolate success so we could pivot accordingly and continue to scale. From there, we deployed dynamic smart shopping campaigns that used a mix of AI and manual management to inform key decisions. This let us take advantage of the scalability and prioritization of smart shopping, without placing the account solely at Google’s automated discretion.

Case Study - Revolve LED

To raise the profile of RL’s products, we used a suite of Display Ads to attract more buyers along their purchasing journey. We also incorporated YouTube as a new promotional platform, remarketing and building brand awareness through dynamic, illustrative, and informative videos.

Incorporating Microsoft Ads was the next batch of low-hanging fruit. Microsoft Ads accounts for roughly ⅓ of desktop search queries. For a product like RL, an opportunity like that needed to be brought into the light.

Amazon Approach

Once the Search campaigns were well underway, RL worked with our Amazon team to capture more active shoppers. We developed a diversified build utilizing all campaign types, to ensure we were fully harnessing Amazon’s full potential.

These ad types included:

  • Sponsored Brand ads: which helped customers discover RL through relevant Amazon shopping results.
  • Sponsored Product ads: these are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that promote each individual product, to ensure we gained visibility on the entirety of RL’s offering.
  • Sponsored Display ads: which allow sellers to reach relevant audiences on and off the Amazon platform, making them highly effective for launching new products.
Case Study - Revolve LED

In addition to the above, we used trademarked and non-trademarked keyword campaigns to gain greater control of bidding on customers looking specifically for RL or merely the lighting systems they offered. Finally, we built out various brand protection campaigns to populate RL ads on their competitors’ product pages.

At the top of the funnel, we used Sponsored Brand videos to build awareness and continue bringing users back to the site. Similarly, sponsored brand storefront campaigns made it easier for users to visit RL’s site by keeping the brand and logo front and center with a corresponding carousel of their products beneath for easy shopping.

Email Marketing Approach

Email marketing brought greater outreach and noticeable growth to the brand. Previously, they used a clunky Shopify email plug-in that lacked impetus. After conducting a creative call with them, we crafted an email campaign that spoke to the blue collar workers who were their target audience. They wanted to keep the tone professional and never “cute,” and we moved from traditional e-commerce verbiage to straight and to the point language. They expressed concern that an email campaign might be seen as invasive. We showed them how it supported their focus on customer service and beating the competition.

Shopper Approved & Product Reviews

In addition to our in-house services, the LP account team leveraged our partner networks to increase exposure for RL. Seeing an opportunity to support their organic rankings with seller reviews, LP introduced RL to Shopper Approved in late 2021. By adding an easily identifiable star rating below their organic listings, Shopper Approved was able to relay trust and authenticity to first-time buyers of RL lighting products. This, along with verifiable seller reviews, helped connect their prospective product purchasers with satisfied customers and ultimately drive additional sales. After hitting their 100th review in February 2022, RL’s Click-through Rate doubled from .7% to 1.4% in March.


Case Study - Revolve LED

Google Ads 2021 versus 2022

  • 12 million to 16 million impressions
  • 116,000+ clicks to 143K clicks
  • ROAS increase from 2.29 to 3.14

Amazon Ads 2021 versus 2022

  • $331,762 for all revenue versus $54K+ average monthly revenue
  • Total advertising costs of sales (TACOS) dropped from 14% to 9%
  • ROAS increase from 7.4x to 10.8x

Email Marketing Ads in 2022

  • Nearly 15% of total business revenue came from email.
  • Abandonment cart open rate has dropped to 40%, with the open rate exceeding 36%
  • 2.5% open rate

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