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How Right On Bracket Used an Omni-Channel Strategy to Earn 63% Revenue Growth YOY

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Since 2018, Right On Bracket has been supplying American made steel brackets for builders and contractors all over the country. Right On Bracket supplies a variety of different shelving, countertop, and mantel support hardware. From classic right angle shelving brackets to heavy-duty floating brackets that support a modern design. With a focus on high-quality and heavy-duty designs, builders can trust these products will last a lifetime.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue

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Open Rate on Email Marketing

Case Study - Right On Bracket

“We built our digital marketing strategy around the services Logical Position (LP) offers. As an employee of Logical Position, I’ve seen what LP can do for E-commerce businesses. We started with SEO and over the years we’ve rolled out different marketing channels. We’ve experienced great results on all these channels and Logical Position is a big reason why we’ve experienced such large company growth!”

—Pete Luciano, Owner, Right On Bracket

Why Logical Position?

Case Study - Right On Bracket

When Right On Bracket owner Pete Luciano came to Logical Position, he didn’t have far to go. As an employee of LP, Pete experienced the success, knowledge and nimbleness we share with our clients firsthand.

When Right On Bracket managed their marketing in-house; they did bring in steady growth in 2020. However, ROB knew there was more market opportunity they could capture. As their budget increased in Google Ads, they experienced issues keeping their return on ad-spend (ROAS) at a satisfactory level. With this problem along with not having the time to spend constantly managing the account; Logical Position was the logical conclusion. LP could provide the campaign construction and oversight needed to address ROB’s scaling issues and to review and address the data generated by the account every week.

Our Strategy

ROB started with a standard shopping campaign on Google, broken out by single product ad groups to give greater visibility to which ads performed best. Because they were competing against the big box stores, we targeted specialty niche searches to differentiate their products and show ads to shoppers likelier to convert. Eventually, we switched to Smart Shopping to take advantage of Google’s prioritization. This automated budget allocation to the best performing ads, which we complemented with Dynamic Search Ads. These help target relevant searches according to what the searcher is looking for as well as any text relevant to your site. This improved search engine optimization, increased terms and phrases in Google’s index, and drove more traffic to Right On Bracket’s site.

To support the paid search campaigns, our SEO team helped ROB deploy their DIY blog, covering design topics and decor suggestions. As a resource for design ideas and installation tips, ROB built trust with their B2B clients and ensured healthy site traffic by targeting relevant industry-related keywords.

Case Study - Right On Bracket

The campaigns attracted new prospects on Paid Social with video ads showcasing the strength capabilities of their brackets to look-a-like audiences built by mimicking their growing customer base. To take advantage of this interest, we segmented the remarketing campaigns into three buckets to identify where buyers were at in the purchase journey. First, All Visitors cast a wide net to anyone who visited their site. Next, Cart Abandoners, which were much further down the funnel, were covered. The last bucket was Purchasers, to remind them of complementing elements or additional items for their next job.

Finally, Email Marketing closed the gap on repeat purchases and maintained a dialogue with designers, craftsmen, and builders likely to buy again. On behalf of ROB, LP will send “Thank You” emails post purchase, highlighting an opportunity to review the monthly newsletter featuring special offers and promotions. LP also setup Email flows to market towards cart abandonments, which has helped decrease the overall abandonment rate.


With better marketing direction and an omni-channel approach, Logical Position has assisted Right On Bracket to increase revenue 63% year-over-year.

Case Study - Right On Bracket

In regards to Google Ads, revenue driven from this channel increased 95%. The Google Ads ROAS increased 78% to 6x and is steadily holding.

For organic searches, they experienced increases of 37% in site traffic, 52% in organic search positions, and 28% in organic revenue.

Case Study - Right On Bracket

In a time when paid social advertising has risen in price, ROB nevertheless saw a big return on their social media investment. Logical Position dialed in the strategy to convert at a much higher rate and generate more significant revenue for the business–basically doing more with less. Google Analytics showed that for Facebook alone ROB had an 81% increase in users and more than 105% rise in the number of transactions, with revenue experiencing a 46.78% increase!

In email marketing, they rocketed their open rate from 6% to 40% and improved their click-through rate from 0.07%, to over 12%, achieving a 115% revenue increase!

With Logical Position captaining the digital marketing efforts, Right On Bracket can focus on delivering quality products to their customers. Now that Logical Position has taken over the marketing, ROB has had more time to modify and develop new products to stay ahead of the competition.

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