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How Romtec Increased Conversions by 220%

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Case Study - Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc

Family owned and operated since 1979, Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc (RU & RI), are two sister companies that work in parallel to provide water management solutions and recreational facilities to commercial, municipal, and industrial applications across the country. The business designs, manufactures, supplies, and facilitates public restrooms, pumping systems, concessions, pavilions, storm shelters and booster stations to developers and municipalities in all 50 states.

They take great pride in owning projects from start to finish, while also assisting other agencies with specific roles to help big jobs reach completion. With strong engineering backgrounds, the two businesses share a passion for high quality solutions that ensure every Romtec system or facility is built to last. Their line of advanced products is constantly expanding with the development of new techniques using the latest in building materials and mechanical technology.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Conversion Rate

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Increase in Time Spent on Website

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Increase in Click Through Rate

Why Logical Position?

Prior to working with LP, RU & RI ran some basic Google Ads campaigns in-house, but they never made digital marketing a real priority with their respective businesses. As a result, the campaigns were mismanaged and didn’t produce reliable returns. At that time, they were incorrectly targeting mobile traffic, which is a lagger in their industry, so naturally the results needed help. After a referral to LP through a trusted colleague, they scheduled an account audit to determine campaign viability and the market potential for their industry niche.


Lower cost per acquisition

Improved account efficiency

More inbound phone calls

Establish accurate call tracking

Our Strategy

Being a tale of two businesses, both for facilities and utilities, we performed a full account diagnostic of both sectors, then segmented RU & RI’s search campaigns by single keyword ad groups to determine which levers to push, and which to pull, respectively.

Case Study - Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc

On the facilities side, we targeted more competitive keywords with the increased search volume and higher CPCs, which gave the campaigns more opportunities to win bids. This contributed to a much higher click through rate (CTR), which meant we were targeting higher quality leads for their business. We further optimized their site experience by directing users to the most appropriate pages relevant to their search queries, which further decreased the bounce rate within the account and improved their overall quality score.

Case Study - Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc

On the Utilities side of the business, we used broadmatch keywords to get the search volume in the account, then sculpted the audience with negative keywords. To refine our targeting, we honed in on only the most valuable keywords, which improved our CTR and helped decrease our CPCs. With goals established in the analytics account, we optimized the campaigns based on the data, making adjustments to best align with RU & RI’s business objectives.

For example, we considered two main factors when addressing the available search impression: 1) budget and 2) ad rank. By controlling the budget at the bid level, we were able to preserve ad spend to ensure our campaigns kept running throughout the day. By doing this, we only missed opportunities due to ad rank eligibility, and not because we blew through our ad spend prematurely. We did this to maintain the viability of our ad campaigns so they could continue learning from the audience on what time periods presented the best buying behavior. This kept our bids as low as possible until we were ready to scale the account.

Ad Examples

Case Study - Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc


In our time working with RU & RI, we’ve been able to drive incremental gains across their various accounts and improve overall efficiencies at nearly all levels. Through our onsite website optimizations, we increased site duration by 278% for RU & RI with a 21.5% decrease to their bounce rate. Similarly, conversions from their PPC campaigns have gone up 220% and the conversion rate is up 420.78%. All while cost per acquisition has decreased by 69.4%.

Case Study - Romtec Utilities & Romtec Inc

On the utilities side specifically, we drove down CPCs by 35.86% and increased CTR by 93.5%. Similarly, the facilities business increased their CTR by 42.58%. We paid more for clicks, but less for leads, so our cost per acquisition actually went down. This also meant a higher percentage of viewers who were shown our ads engaged with them, which is exactly what the campaigns were designed to do.

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