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How SCOTTeVEST Achieved a 35.86% YOY Increase in Revenue

Monthly Ad Spend: $30,000



Founded in 2001, SCOTTeVEST was born out of necessity to give travelers and business professionals more places to store gadgets in concealed yet easy-to-access pockets. Now, over 20 years later, they manufacture and distribute a wide variety of wearable storage, from vests, jackets, and hoodies, to shirts, skirts, and dresses. They’re committed to making top-quality products with high functionality. As their tagline suggests, “it’s not rocket science, it’s pocket science!”

Key Metrics

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YoY Increase in Revenue Since May 2022

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Rise in Total Site Users

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Total Interactions on YouTube

Case Study - SCOTTeVEST

“We’ve been selling clothes online since before digital marketing was a bonafide advertising channel, so we’ve seen it all. Logical Position accomplished so much with our ad campaigns, and made that extra effort to collaborate and communicate with us. It was clear from the beginning that this would be a lasting partnership!”

— Scott Jordan, SCOTTeVEST, Founder

Why Logical Position?

SCOTTeVEST’s previous agency failed to keep up with campaign demands and rarely stayed in touch or provided them with timely responses to their questions. With an internal initiative to sunset their traditional cable television commercials, they sought assistance in building out YouTube campaigns to fill the void. Lastly, travel dropped during the pandemic, forcing travelers—a major target audience—to stay home. SCOTTeVEST needed an experienced digital marketing agency like LP to reconnect with that audience and others.


Greater engagement with their YouTube videos to help filter out high-value customers

Increased viewing duration of videos

Video sequencing to get viewers to watch a string of videos

Website redesign + onsite SEO consulting

Our Strategy

Paid Search

Before moving on to YouTube, LP tightened up SCOTTeVEST’s Google Shopping and Search campaigns.

LP segments search campaigns by product type and user interest, so we have detailed control over spend. We focus our budget on selling points that are profitable (for example, “travel jackets” versus “hiking jackets” versus “hidden pocket jackets”) while still having the flexibility to push specific product categories if the client needs (for example, “vests” versus “jackets” versus “pants”)

We manually built out their campaigns with single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) to isolate success and give our team more levers to push and pull on the account. Once we better understood their audience reach, LP focused on prospecting and introducing new users to the website. We bid upwards on groups with a higher likelihood to convert, such as travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and new mothers—basically anyone with a lot to carry and quickly access. For the Shopping Ads themselves, we highlighted the clothing’s “normalcy,” so images stressed a functional yet fashionable appearance.

Data Feed

As a direct to consumer (DTC) ecommerce retailer, Google Shopping is an important part of SCOTTeVEST’s business. LP ensured their entire catalog was well-represented in ads, and that carousel ads highlighted their most profitable products. To help, LP followed our standard and effective strategy:

Case Study - SCOTTeVEST
  • Keywords were added to titles, descriptions, and product types.
  • Ensured proper categorization of the products so Google could better identify them.
  • Kept product data up to date to avoid issues with product disapprovals or account suspensions.


Setting up the YouTube strategy presented a challenge. The client wanted the channel set up where the viewer watched specific sequences of videos. YouTube didn’t have a built-in way to do that, so LP came up with a plan. We whittled down the collections into four different sequences of seven videos, each appealing to particular audiences:

  • Affinity—Outdoor Enthusiasts, Travelers, and Family Vacationers
  • Similar To—Site Visitors Over 30 Days
  • Custom Interest—Top Performing Keywords
  • Similar To—Female Purchasers Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

LP determined this was the best way to show the most videos to the largest number of people. What’s more, LP tested videos against one another to see which performed best.


Case Study - SCOTTeVEST


Despite the short time the campaign has been in operation (from August to December 2022), SCOTTeVEST has already seen amazing results on their YouTube channel. Visitors have become noticeably more engaged with the videos and the brand.

  • 532,623 total interactions
  • 2,321,586 impressions
  • 15,299 clicks
  • 277+ conversions
May 2021
May 2022



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Increase in Revenue



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Increase in Users

With Logical Position in their back pocket, SCOTTeVEST is always ready for continued growth!

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