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How Suits Outlets Increased Google Ads Revenue By 351%

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Online retailer, Suits Outlets, sells high-quality menswear at affordable prices. Their inventory is constantly changing and most styles have limited availability. With only a few sizes in each style, each offering is exclusive. This business model has allowed Suits Outlets to save on production costs, and they pass these savings on to their customers. Their biggest challenge is keeping up with the constantly rotating inventory and effectively marketing such exclusive items.

Suits Outlets has been so thrilled with performance over the last year that they’ve more than tripled their ad spend due to all of the increased website traffic and sales.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Total Transactions

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Increase in Google Ads Revenue

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Increase in Sitewide Revenue

Learn More About Suits Outlets…

Suits Outlets was having trouble implementing a successful strategy on Google Shopping, and their search campaigns were not seeing the return they wanted. When they began to see a dip in sales, the company realized it was time to turn to the experts before things got worse. Once they partnered with Logical Position (LP), the struggling company saw their year over year revenue on Google Ads grow by 351%. When asked about our partnership, Suits Outlets responded, “They’re the best team we’ve ever worked with! We only regret waiting so long to use Logical Position.”

Case Study - Suits Outlets

What Were Their Goals?

Suits Outlets came to Logical Position (LP) hoping that we’d be able to turn their paid search strategy into something profitable while still maintaining efficiency. They wanted LP to help them start running on Google Shopping and maintain a cost per acquisition (CPA) under $50.

What Strategy Was Used?

We used what most would consider an untraditional strategy on Google Shopping. Since so much of Suits Outlets’ inventory changes daily, it didn’t make sense to break all of the products out into single product ad groups. Instead, we created segmented catch all campaigns, which allowed us to still set specific bids based on product categories, brands, and price; while also ensuring that all of their products will always be showing.

What Was Achieved?

Creating and segmenting Google Shopping ads has made all the difference for Suits Outlets. Since working with LP, year over year sitewide revenue grew 201%, with total transactions on the website jumping 228% higher!

Seems like this is a partnership that’s well-suited for success.

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