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How Sweet Services Achieved A 3.5x ROAS

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Sweet Services knows how to sell candy! Don’t believe us? Ask any dentist in America… Specializing in everything from personalized chocolate bars to custom bulk varieties…they’ve carved out an impressive online business fulfilling over 1,000 orders monthly.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Annual Revenue

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Return on Ad Spend

“Finding Logical Position was definitely our digital marketing “golden ticket”. In 2017, before working with LP, our monthly revenue was $2,500—now we’re bringing in over $200k annually. We’re seeing a $3.50 return for every $1 spent on advertising. Website transactions have increased seven fold from LP advertising efforts.”

Mark Lehman, Owner

What Were Their Objectives

Being an eCommerce candy store, Sweet Services had been doing some digital marketing— but weren’t seeing the return they wanted. After LP onboarded Sweet Services, we quickly learned their current methods were largely inefficient. To increase profits and save budget, we looked at the candy store’s margins and adjusted keywords accordingly.

We had the paid search campaigns spending less and making more within a month.

Case Study - Sweet Services


  1. Increased return on ad spend
  2. Improved lead nurturing
  3. Redesigned campaign strategy


  • Account restructuring — We broke the account into single keyword ad groups, which allowed us to see how each individual product was performing, and adjust budgets accordingly.
  • Data feed optimization — This increased the granularity of the data feed, which improved overall efficiency in the account and gave customers more details when they were searching for products.
  • Implemented remarketing — This allowed us to re-engage website visitors with relevant ads, who hadn’t made a purchase yet.

Just the Beginning

“We were able to eliminate 40% of wasted ad spend within the Google Ads account, which left room in the budget for paid social remarketing. These two services combined helped lift sales in November 2019, growing total transactions by over 5,000 year over year. ” -Karly Scott, the Enterprise Account Manager who works with Sweet Services.

Now that’s a sweet ending.

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