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How Teskey’s Leveraged a Full Funnel Marketing Strategy

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Teskey’s Saddle Shop is a respected and trusted seller of horse tack and equestrian equipment, working out of Weatherford, Texas since 1998. Offering saddles and spurs, bits and boots, western wear, and equipment for both farm and ranch, they pride themselves on keeping horse-lovers happy. Known for quality items and great service at their brick and mortar store, Teskey’s offers an amazing variety of products through their website as well.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Total Keywords

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Advertising Cost of Sale

Case Study - Teskey’s Saddle Shop

“Partnering with Logical Position has been a boon to our business. As the number of products we offer has steadily increased, effectively managing and advertising all of those individual product lines became a bigger and bigger challenge. But thanks to LP, all of our promotional and budgeting ducks are in a row!”

— Paul Latham, Creative Director, Teskey’s Circle T Saddlery, LLP

Why Logical Position?

Before onboarding with Logical Position, Teskey’s managed their own paid search account, with some assistance from Google. They were used to running smaller campaigns, but business grew bigger, and as a result the job became overwhelming. Budget control was a big issue, particularly during the holidays, as CPC’s surged. Teskey’s had never outsourced their marketing in the past, but they felt the account could be better structured to capture more opportunities. So they signed LP as a new management partner to help them ‘rein’ it all in.


Lower cost per lead

Granular account insights

4x return on ad spend (ROAS)

Shopping campaign setup

Our Strategy

Solid footing with on-site optimizations

Before we put horsepower behind Teskey’s marketing efforts, we optimized their website for increased compatibility with Google web crawlers. This included restructuring content to adhere to SEO best practices allowing them to rank for keyword targets within the equine industry. Improving website diagnostics was critical to make the most of our paid search campaigns because it better informed search engines of what products Teskey’s website sold and who it served, which is reciprocated in the search engine algorithms. This ongoing work started with the homepage and the 10 additional pages receiving the most traffic.

Setting the PPC Foundation

Upon our initial review of Teskey’s account we identified that more structure could bring greater growth opportunities and earning potential. Our team segmented their campaigns by product type to provide visibility into what keywords were most effective. Next, we launched Teskey’s Google Shopping campaigns to capture additional opportunities and take up as much valuable shelf space in the shopping carousel as possible.

Case Study - Teskey’s Saddle Shop

The key to LP’s paid search strategy was our strong focus on organization within the account. Prior to our management the Teskey’s account ran on hundreds of keywords in the same ad group within a single campaign. Whereas we segmented that out by product type, branded traffic versus non-branded traffic, and single keyword ad groups. Segmenting the campaigns this way allowed us to determine what products generated revenue and where the budget was best allocated.

In August 2022, we transitioned Teskey’s manual shopping campaigns to the brand new campaign type, Performance Max. By doing this, we harnessed the power of automated shopping capabilities offered by PMax to use smart bidding to drive performance based on our specific conversion goals.

Riding the Social Media Range

With the Google Ads account off to the races, Teskey’s was seeking additional outlets to build their brand, and drive qualified traffic to their site. LP built a strategy for Facebook Ads to compliment Teskey’s Google account and pick up its cold traffic. We launched a full-funnel approach, segmenting by each customer type and implementing creative ads designed to engage with users according to their brand familiarity and likelihood to convert. Every part of the funnel was probed, generating a 16x return on ad spend (ROAS). As a final step, we leveraged dynamic ads by showing hyper-relevant content to customers based on their searches and interests which ensured the right eyes were on the brand.

Back in the Saddle with Amazon

Looking for additional revenue growth, we launched Teskey’s Amazon Advertising campaigns in beta (May 2020) with a mix of sponsored ads types: display, product, and brand. The initial goal was a 25% on advertising cost of sale (ACOS), meaning they wanted to see a $4 return on every $1 spent on advertising. Using a data-driven approach, LP pulled multiple reports to identify top performing keywords and potential target opportunities to go after. We then further sculpted and refined the identified target audience through strategic negative keywords to hone in on user intent. Our team achieved great success moving prospects down the sales funnel with remarketing ads, most effectively using sponsored display ads which re-engaged users outside of the Amazon marketplace.


Case Study - Teskey’s Saddle Shop

On-site SEO Show Pony

With a wide breadth of product offerings, our team was able to leverage individual niche opportunities to capture available demand and grow website traffic for Teskey’s. This set the stage for massive sitewide account growth. Since our initial SEO consulting, website keywords have increased from 14,000 to more than 35,000 for the client and revenue has more than doubled in year-over-year comparisons.

PPC Results Round-up

With a mix of manual account structure and Performance Max automation levers, the PPC trail has been a good ride.

  • Averaged 10.73x ROAS
  • Migrating to PMax in August 2022, increased our YOY shopping revenue over $99,000 while only spending $3,800 more
  • Period over period shopping revenue increased to $134,000

Saddle Up for Paid Social

Case Study - Teskey’s Saddle Shop

Leveraged top-of-funnel paid social opportunities to continue building the brand. Once LP took over Teskey’s social media presence in Q4 2021, compared with Q3 2021, we saw:

  • 48.85% revenue increase
  • 59.98% increase in conversions
  • 16.03x ROAS

Open Range on Amazon

By incorporating lessons learned from our efforts on paid search and paid social, our team was extremely efficient in the Amazon marketplace. In year-over-year comparisons between 2021 and 2022, our team has achieved the following results:

  • 11% increase in ROAS
  • 10% decrease in ad spend
  • 22% Advertising Cost of Sale

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