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How Texas Belting Supply Increased Their Revenue By 360% In One Year

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Texas Belting Supply (TBS) offers a wide variety of industrial equipment and supplies, including a comprehensive range of belting products used for power transmission for engines and machinery. The B2B company places a heavy emphasis on customer service; offering fast shipping and a 30 day return policy for their products. Their quality inventory and great service have even earned them a 4.9 rating on Shopper Approved.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue Year-Over-Year

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Return on Microsoft Advertising

“Logical Position has made all the difference for our business. Before we started working with LP, we were receiving a quarter of the amount of phone calls we’re seeing now. Sales have gone through the roof, business has never been better, and we couldn’t be happier. Chris Pham, my Account Manager, has been a huge part of that growth, bringing new ideas to the table and developing strategies that really helped grow my business.”

-Richard Robbins, Texas Belting Supply’s owner

Why’d They Come to LP?

TBS had been running Google Ads on their own, but didn’t know enough about the platform to see much return. They were wasting time and money, but still wanted to have an online advertising presence. When Logical Position (LP) reached out to TBS in 2017, they decided it was time to try something new, and handed over the advertising reins to us. During our initial goal-setting call, we decided to focus on both lead generation and online transactions, since both are important to TBS’ business.

What Strategy Was Used?

In 2017, our paid search team built out TBS’ Google Ads search campaigns using an A/B split. We had our exact match keywords in one campaign, and our broad match modified keywords in another. This worked well for a while, but paid search is a constantly changing landscape (which is one of the biggest reasons it’s best to work with an agency!) so our team shifted TBS’ strategy accordingly. We found that using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) worked better, so we rebuilt TBS’ paid search campaigns using this style.

Case Study - Texas Belting Supply

As time went on and TBS’ revenue started to increase, our team recommended using the extra income to expand their product offering. Conveyor belts are one of TBS’ top-selling products, so we suggested that TBS start offering a complementary product: conveyor belt materials. Our team knew that most companies that are buying raw materials are going to be buying them in bulk, which would lead to massive order sizes for TBS. Plus, it created lots of lifetime-value customers: when companies run out of their raw materials, they are always going to need to buy more—and buying from the same place (as in, TBS) over and over again is convenient!

To expand our digital marketing strategy, TBS started on the Microsoft Advertising platform. Getting on Microsoft Advertising is a smart move for companies in the B2B sector, because many of the companies they’re targeting have Bing as their default search engine. Bing also tends to attract an older demographic, which is the target audience for TBS. To round things out, TBS started on Amazon Advertising. With over 50% of all eCommerce transactions taking place on Amazon, TBS wanted to get in on the hype—they were actually a part of LP’s initial beta program for our Amazon product a few years back. Expanding our reach on Amazon was the next logical step in our strategy; it allowed us to increase our total online visibility and accelerate TBS’ sales even further. Our Amazon campaigns are segmented by product type using the same style we use for Google Ads, SKAGs, which allows us to maintain greater control of the budget and get competitive with our bidding strategy.

What Were The Results?

Texas Belting Supply has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, with measurable revenue up 360% year-over-year (YoY). Every month, we grow TBS’ revenue by an average of 30%. On Microsoft Advertising specifically, TBS has seen a 10x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Lead generation is also an important component of TBS’ business, and we’ve given TBS a boost there, too—with 75% of all phone calls to TBS coming from paid search. Last year, TBS had a total of 1,616 phone calls; 1,103 of them came from our campaigns.

Case Study - Texas Belting Supply

Our Amazon Ads are also moving the needle for TBS. In our first month, we increased revenue on Amazon by 78%. One year later, revenue grew by 194%—and that’s in comparison to the initial boost we saw after we took over, which shows that we’re able to even beat our own performance. TBS has seen so much new business that they’ve had to hire 4 additional team members and move into a larger warehouse to store their inventory.

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