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How THEMAGIC5 Earned Over 10 Million Impressions In 2 Years

Monthly Ad Spend: $17,000

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In 2016, three Danish swimmers realized that none of them had found a pair of swimming goggles that they liked—so they set out to change that, and before long, THEMAGIC5 was born. THEMAGIC5 creates custom fit swimming goggles that are made to measure based on the unique contours of a customer’s face. The company uses a face scanning app and their proprietary Optimal Fitting Technology to create custom goggles—and since they fit perfectly to a swimmer’s face, the goggles prevent leakage and suction marks. THEMAGIC5 has been featured in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health; in late 2021 they were even featured on season 13 of Shark Tank!

Key Metrics

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10 Million

Impressions in 2 years

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Why’d They Come to LP?

In their first few years as a business, THEMAGIC5 had outsourced their paid search efforts to several digital marketing agencies, but found that their account wasn’t scaling. THEMAGIC5 has experienced 3x year over year growth, and needed a partner that was comfortable maintaining that trajectory as they continued to expand. As such, they knew a robust digital marketing strategy was essential to sustaining market penetration. In 2019, THEMAGIC5 decided to onboard with Logical Position (LP) to see if we could achieve their growth targets. Their initial goal was to keep their non-branded cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on Google Ads under $50.

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team built out all new search and shopping campaigns for THEMAGIC5 to ensure our partnership could start fresh. Since the company had gotten a lot of traction in their first few years, we segmented the account into Trademarked and Non-Trademarked campaigns, using keywords like “THEMAGIC5” (for Trademarked campaigns) or “custom fit goggles” (for Non-Trademarked campaigns). Segmenting the account this way was extremely cost-effective; consumers who were already searching for THEMAGIC5 would be funnelled into the Trademarked campaigns, and our team could set low bids in these campaigns since we knew these consumers were already searching for our client.

Case Study - TheMagic5

Once our North American campaigns started generating awareness, we expanded internationally from Europe to Japan and Australia. We kept our original ads running, and created additional campaigns tailored against different competitors in the various international markets. Next, we built out 4 types of unique YouTube campaigns featuring legendary Olympic gold medalist and Ironman triathlete, Jan Frodeno. These YouTube video ads utilized four different audience targeting strategies: First, we created a Remarketing campaign, which showed the YouTube ads to people who had visited THEMAGIC5’s website, but hadn’t yet made a purchase. Then, we created Prospecting campaigns using audiences we created to generate new acquisitions. One Prospecting campaign showed our YouTube ads to people who were searching on YouTube for specific keywords (such as “swimming goggles); another campaign would place the ads on specific swimming-related channels, and a third campaign would show ads on YouTube to people who had searched our targeted swimming specific keywords on other platforms, such as Google.

When THEMAGIC5 appeared on Shark Tank in 2021 (and landed a huge deal), their business saw tremendous growth. Their appearance alone, plus the media coverage that came after, generated a massive amount of new business for the company. Our team capitalized on this by creating Shark Tank specific campaigns for THEMAGIC5, since so many people were searching for terms like “shark tank goggles” and “shark tank swimming”. Our campaigns meant that we could capture all of this traffic by showing at the very top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

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Case Study - TheMagic5

What Were the Results?

In two years, over the lifetime of our partnership, we’ve achieved over 10 million impressions for THEMAGIC5 and a 7x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). We’ve crushed their goal of keeping CPA under $50; our account-wide CPA is just $8 on average. Their fiscal quarter prior to working with LP, THEMAGIC5 earned 656 conversions for a total of $36,000 in revenue. Comparatively, in the most recent quarter of our partnership, we earned 4,279 conversions for THEMAGIC5, equating to over $278,000 in revenue—quite an increase. THEMAGIC5 has been so happy with performance they’ve tripled their budget since onboarding with LP.

Case Study - TheMagic5
Case Study - TheMagic5

Our advertising grew THEMAGIC5’s revenue considerably, which is part of what made them such an attractive business when they were featured on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban invested $1M in the company; this turned out to be one of the bigger deals that’s ever happened on Shark Tank. After the episode aired, our paid search conversions doubled thanks to the Shark Tank campaigns we created.

When THEMAGIC5 first partnered with LP, we wanted to help them define their business and grow their company—and bring awareness online that their product exists! In the month before they started with us, THEMAGIC5 had 12,000 website visitors. In our most recent month working together, THEMAGIC5 had 140,000 sitewide visitors.

Awareness: Brought. Goals: Achieved. Partnership: Just getting started.

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