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How trueCABLE Increased Revenue by 1,300%

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In 2015, trueCABLE started to shake up an outdated industry. While other companies concentrate on profit, they take pride in their work and focus on customer experience. trueCABLE shows how Ethernet cable suppliers get things done. Their goal is to provide reliable, high-quality Ethernet cable to you quickly and directly from their high service factory. By offering their products online and shipping directly, they can lower costs, speed up delivery, and build relationships with their customers.

Key Metrics

trueCABLE - Key Metric 1


Increase in Revenue with SEO

trueCABLE - Key Metric 2


Increase in ROAS with Paid Search

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Increase in Conversions with Amazon

“Working with Logical Position has been a blast all around. It truly feels like they are an extension of our own team. We started things off with Google PPC management, but we quickly realized LP’s talents and reevaluated them. LP now manages our Google, Microsoft, and Amazon PPC campaigns, along with SEO. Having a group of experts handle these digital marketing tasks for us has enabled our business to grow quicker than I could have ever imagined.

They have proven time and time again that they can adapt as our business grows and eCommerce platforms change. We value our partnership with Logical Position and look forward to many more years of success together.”

– John Ibbetson | VP of Sales & Business Development

Case Study - trueCABLE

SEO Goals

  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase site speed

SEO Approach

From the start of the campaign, LP and trueCABLE set two main goals: build quality, authoritative backlinks and gain organic traffic to the site. There were several tasks initiated to help trueCABLE meet its goals, including performing a technical audit of the site, industry-targeted keyword research, on-site content creation, offsite article creation, and other technical work. As trueCABLE continued to grow its product line, LP quickly made sure new pages were optimized according to SEO best practices. This gave new products the advantage of having full SEO backing soon after their creation. Each month, time was spent monitoring the site for changes that may impact site performance or user experience as well as the additional tasks outlined above. Through the combined efforts of trueCABLE and LP, the initial goals were met and exceeded.

SEO Results

trueCABLE is a great example of how the longevity of SEO can transform a business. trueCABLE hired Logical Position in February 2020 for a National – Intermediate SEO campaign. Since February 2020, trueCABLE has consistently seen incredible growth in several areas of its business. By hiring LP for ongoing SEO services, trueCABLE has been able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic and continue to grow throughout the duration of the campaign.

Case Study - trueCABLE

Regarding keyword growth, comparing year over year (March 2020 to March 2021), trueCABLE keyword rankings have increased by 299% (2,894 to 11,549). When comparing the first-page keyword rankings, there was an increase of 735%. In March 2020, they had 280 first-page keywords, and in March 2021, they had 2,337 first-page keywords. Out of the 18 total target keywords Logical Position is primarily focusing on for the campaign, 12 of them are appearing on the first page!


152 Keywords
2 in Top 3 Positions

March 2019

6 First Page

March 2019

2,894 Keywords
44 in Top 3 Positions

March 2020

280 First Page

March 2020

11,549 Keywords
649 in Top 3 Positions

March 2021

2,337 First Page

March 2021

Targeted Keywords

From March 2020 to March 2021

29th 4th Position

“plenum ethernet cable”

210 searches per month

Not Ranking 4th Position

“bulk ethernet cable”

590 searches per month

Not Ranking 1st Position

“plenum grade network cable”

90 searches per month

Not Ranking 6th Position

“bulk network cable”

110 searches per month

50th 1st Position

“ethernet cable tool”

390 searches per month

Based on Google Analytics data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from March 2020 to March 2021. trueCABLE saw a 1,011% increase in users and an increase of 1,027% of new users to their site, a 1,013% increase in sessions, a 303% increase in transactions, and an increase of over 250% in total revenue.


March 2020
March 2021
trueCABLE - SEO Analytics 1


Increase in New Users

trueCABLE - SEO Analytics 2


Increase in Users

trueCABLE - SEO Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions

trueCABLE - SEO Analytics 4


Increase in Transactions

trueCABLE - SEO Analytics 5


Increase in Revenue

Case Study - trueCABLE

Paid Search Goals

  • Improve return on ad spend from $1 to $2
  • Increase customer acquisition at a higher rate of efficiency and profitability
  • Expand the top of the marketing funnel and improve the rate of conversion from prospect to customer

Paid Search Approach

When trueCABLE started with Logical Position, their goal was to acquire new customers at scale and improve the return on their ad spend. To achieve that goal, Logical Position segmented branded search terms from non-branded terms, allowing us to balance new customer acquisition with the return. By applying a return on spend goal to branded traffic and a cost-per-customer acquisition goal to non-branded traffic, we have been able to profitably scale trueCABLE’s Google Ads and expand their reach to the Microsoft Ads platform.

Paid Search Results

In March 2019, the month before Logical Position launched campaigns, trueCABLE spent $5,150 on Google Ads and made $5,903 in revenue—a return of $1.15 per $1 spent. In March 2021, trueCABLE spent $16,122 and made $72,602 in revenue from Google Ads for a return of $4.50 per $1 spent—well above our initial goal of a $2 return. trueCABLE also spent $1,785 and made $10,252 in revenue on Microsoft Ads for a return of $5.74 per $1 spent. Logical Position has also leveraged Google Ads to launch new products for trueCABLE, leading to higher average order values and new verticals through which they acquire customers. trueCABLE has seen such substantial growth over our two years of partnership that they have had to upgrade their site and switch suppliers for one with much more capacity.


March 2019
March 2021
trueCABLE - PPC Analytics 1


Increase in Ad Spend

trueCABLE - PPC Analytics 2


Increase in Revenue

trueCABLE - PPC Analytics 3


Increase in Conversions

trueCABLE - PPC Analytics 4


Increase in ROAS

Case Study - trueCABLE

Amazon Goals

  • To increase efficiency enough to eliminate wasted spend and cover management fees
  • To scale revenue at a lower Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS)

Amazon Approach

When trueCABLE added Amazon Ads to their services with Logical Position, their initial goal was to increase efficiency enough to cover management and scale their revenue through the platform at a lower ACOS. Our first step for increasing efficiency was to eliminate wasted spend. This required a very granular segmentation across Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns to isolate poor performers from best sellers and reallocate budget from the former to the latter. To simultaneously grow revenue, Logical Position added Sponsored Display campaigns and paired automated product campaigns that surface potential opportunities to our strategists with Manual CPC campaigns that could aggressively attack those opportunities. Within our first month of managing trueCABLE’s Amazon Ads, Logical Position was able to pay for itself several times over while providing a significant bump in revenue at a greatly improved ACOS.

Amazon Results

In the month before Logical Position launched campaigns, trueCABLE spent $81,423 on Amazon Ads and made $392,830 in revenue—a return of $4.82 per $1 spent. In Logical Positions’ first month, trueCABLE spent $74,119, 9% less, while increasing revenue 11%, or $43,919. Those two improvements combined yielded a 22% improvement in return on spend, which hit $5.89 for the period. Since handing management of the digital marketing campaigns to Logical Position, one of the biggest challenges for the company has been keeping enough inventory in stock to meet demand.


March 2019
March 2021
trueCABLE - Amazon Analytics 1


Increase in Users (sitewide)

trueCABLE - Amazon Analytics 2


Increase in New Users (sitewide)

trueCABLE - Amazon Analytics 3


Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

trueCABLE - Amazon Analytics 4


Decrease in Advertising Cost of Sale

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