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How USA Lab Equipment Increased Transactions By 120%

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Since 2010, USA Lab Equipment has worked hard every day to provide great quality products, fantastic customer service, and competitive pricing. Whether you need new or used lab equipment, USA Lab Equipment carries it all. Their goal is simple and sweet—to provide you with the best possible experience for buying lab equipment. They stock over 1,000 different new and used lab equipment items in their 20,000 square foot warehouse.

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Increase in Keywords

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Increase in Transactions

“Creating a partnership with Logical Position is hands down the single best thing that we have done for our business. We now have LP handle our SEO, Google/ Microsoft Advertising campaigns, social advertising and Amazon campaigns. They’ve been a pivotal part in growing our business to the level that it is today, and I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. We’ve seen extensive growth in our organic and paid traffic, as well as a tremendous uptick in conversion rates and sales orders. Logical Position is way more than just a digital marketing agency though; they provide awesome people that get to know you personally and truly understand you and your business. I genuinely enjoy speaking with Rob, Amanda, Drew, Micah, and many more every month to discuss growth, new ideas and how we can further our business. If you are looking for more than just a marketing company, this is the company for you.”

-Matt Wisniewski, COO of USA Lab Equipment


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase site speed
  • To increase brand awareness
Case Study - USA Lab Equipment


Just a few weeks before starting the SEO partnership, USA Lab Equipment had changed domains from “” to “” To start the SEO campaign off on the right foot, Logical Position immediately implemented redirects from the old domain to the new domain and fixed any outstanding technical issues to ensure a smooth transition. These steps were crucial to avoid any negative impact on organic rankings and traffic during the migration process. Throughout the campaign, Logical Position also created keyword-focused content, wrote on-site blogs, and optimized their Google My Business account every month to help meet the client’s goals.


Since partnering with Logical Position in April 2019 for a National – Standard SEO campaign, USA Lab Equipment has experienced incredible growth in numerous areas. By taking the necessary steps to help with the migration right away, Logical Position was able to maintain existing organic rankings and traffic, and they continued to grow over the course of the campaign. Due to Logical Position’s efforts, comparing February 2019 (pre-migration) to February 2020 (post-migration), USA Lab Equipment’s keywords have grown over 25% and revenue has increased over 30%.


1,542 Keywords
8 in Top 3 Positions

February 2019

1,921 Keywords
58 in Top 3 Positions

February 2020


February 2019
February 2020
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Increase in Users (sitewide)

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Increase in New Users (sitewide)

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Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

Blog Findings

Logical Position has blogged for USA Lab Equipment since May 2019. Over this time, our goal was to craft comprehensive pieces and strategically target queries users continually search for in Google. Through our careful planning, we’ve achieved great success, as you can see below.

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