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How Vincent’s Meat Market Achieved An 11x ROAS

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Vincent’s Meat Market is a classic, old school butcher shop located in the heart of Little Italy in the Bronx, New York. The family owned storefront has been a staple of their neighborhood since 1954, and they’ve had a robust local following since they opened over half a century ago. The meat market specializes in the highest quality meats, selling everything from italian sausage to prime cuts of steak. Vincent’s emphasis on fresh meat and skilled butchers has made the storefront an obvious choice for New Yorkers near and far.

What Were Their Goals?

Vincent’s Meat Market has never had an issue getting local traffic into their store, but wanted to grow their business to service a larger customer base—which meant they needed to have an online presence. Vincent’s started running Google Ads in-house, but wasn’t seeing strong performance—paid search was making up the majority of website traffic (71%) but only making up 35% of total revenue. Vincent’s was seeing just over a 2x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), but was having difficulty figuring out how to scale further. The meat market decided to try partnering with a digital marketing agency for help, and handed Logical Position (LP) the reins.

Vincent’s main goal was to scale the account—the company wanted to achieve a higher return-on-ad-spend while also increasing their total search volume, in order for the meat market to offer more competitive pricing and better shipping options. Vincent’s also wanted to sell more of their priority products, like steaks, which offered higher profit margins than other meats.

So How did They Scale?

Our paid search team began our partnership with an intake call to dive deep into Vincent’s business strategy and target audience. Once we gained a greater understanding of the business, we built out all new pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for the meat market. Our team utilized Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) and Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) in order to better control our bid levels and budgets. Using this ad group strategy allows for more granular data collection, because we’re able to see how each individual keyword is performing and what kind of searches it is bringing in.

Case Study - Vincent’s Meat Market

“While they are a big company, they have a small business feel with the way they develop relationships with their clients and the way they take their time to explain their suggestions and hear out your concerns. Logical Position is secretly the best salesperson in our company.”

-Kenny Roopchand, Director of Online Sales

Utilizing our unique build style brought in a monumental increase in traffic for Vincent’s, which allowed us to scale the account and increase our budget to keep up with the demand. Next, we got Vincent’s on Microsoft Advertising—an entirely new market that allowed for additional growth. Typically, a consumer will either use Google or Bing to perform a search query—not both. This means that people who are using Bing will most likely never see ads on Google, making Bing an equally important platform to advertise on. We implemented the same strategies on Microsoft Advertising, and quickly scaled the account to drive new business for Vincent’s.

What if I Wanted more Than Paid Search?

Vincent’s saw such great results from paid search that they decided it was time to expand further. A digital marketing strategy works best when it is well-rounded—just as it’s important to diversify your investment portfolio, it’s necessary to apply the same logic to your digital marketing product suite. Paid search is a strong product on its own, but LP is able to truly move mountains when our strategies are coupled with each other. With this in mind, Vincent’s started using paid social, email marketing, and search engine optimization—nearly our whole suite of products—in order to ensure that they weren’t missing a single opportunity to reach their target audience, website visitors, or past customers.

Case Study - Vincent’s Meat Market

The diversified digital marketing strategy we’ve created means that each channel is working independently to reach new audiences, and the level of synergy that is created from these channels has led to an unshakable business model for Vincent’s. 2020 has been by far their biggest year on record, with March and April being their two biggest months ever recorded—right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses were suffering. Vincent’s was able to lean into their digital strategy; even though their brick and mortar store took a hit, their online sales kept the company afloat and led to record-breaking sales.

So You Said Record Breaking Sales…

“I recommend Logical Position and their services to literally any business owner I know that has an eCommerce website. Every single dollar I have spent with them has been a huge investment into our business. When we first started I was managing Google Ads on my own, and while I got some traction, there is no comparison to what LP has been able to accomplish. While they always delivered me a steady return on my ad spend, during the pandemic they had us positioned perfectly and our business increased close to 200% overnight.”


Case Study - Vincent’s Meat Market

Indeed. In a year-over-year (YoY) comparison, Google Ads revenue has increased 1,048%, with transactions up 839%. Vincent’s Meat Market was achieving a 2x ROAS while managing their paid search campaigns in-house; we drove that number up to 11x—meaning that for every $1 Vincent’s spent on advertising, they made $11 back. In the last 30 days, Vincent’s has earned over $26,000 in revenue against a budget of only $3,000— totalling 194 conversions. We’ve also kept our original promise of increasing search volume, with total users on Google Ads up 262%.

Vincent’s overall website performance has seen a massive increase thanks to the combination of paid social, email marketing, and search engine optimization, with website users up 344% YoY. Total website revenue is up a whopping 1,290%, and total transactions are up 964%—all of which was achieved during a global pandemic.

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy can truly move mountains. Logical Position will be here when you’re ready to experience it for yourself.

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