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How Vincent’s Meat Market Increased Revenue By 77%

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Calabria, Italy, 1945. A young boy named Vincent DeLuca, age 17, boards a boat to the “Land of Opportunity” in hopes of making a better life for himself. Once settled, young Vincent found himself working jobs found through family and friends. Whether it was doing construction or working with leather, nothing seemed to grab the interest of this young Italian immigrant.

After years of chasing “The American Dream,” Mr. DeLuca found himself working in his neighborhood butcher shop. It was there that his interest in butchery began to germinate and flourish. He wasn’t there long before his passion had become so prolific that he had an epiphany. To achieve his dream, he would have to open up his own shop. So, in 1954, he opened his first shop — Vincent’s Meat Market on 151st Street. Wanting to start a family of his own, Vincent and Sylvia, his wife, resettled themselves in the Belmont area of the Bronx. During the neighborhood’s heyday, Italian immigrants filled the schools, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, and ran the area. These were the days—the real-life Bronx Tale!

Vincent and Sylvia had three sons: Phillip, Peter, and Vincent Jr. All three boys would help out in the market, now located on 187th Street, learning all about the industry and the business their father created. Vincent remained the owner of the market until his tragic passing in 1979. With no apparent heir to the family business, Peter, who has always loved the shop, decided to step up. He left college so his brothers could continue earning their law and medical degrees. In 1981, to honor his father’s legacy and expand the business, Peter moved Vincent’s Meat Market to its current home on Arthur Avenue—The Real Little Italy. Arthur Avenue is famous for its traditional Italian culture, and Vincent’s is no exception. Since that time, Vincent’s has gone from being the new kid on the block to a staple in the neighborhood. Humble beginnings and undying ambition gave way to a legacy that is rich with tradition and family values. Whether you stop in the store or order to your door, you can be sure that you will be dishing out unforgettable meals while being treated like you’re one of the family.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Total Revenue Oct. 2020 – Nov. 2020

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Increase in November 2020 Return on Investment
paid $1,299 made $65.8K

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Increase in Automated Email Open Rate

“While I was skeptical about the price tag of signing up for email marketing when I was using mail chimp for free, the results were phenomenal, and I have no regrets. We started out with one email a month and saw some amazing traction right at the start. We continued to build on that success with intuitive automation, and now in the last 30 days, they account for 37% of my business!

Email marketing has allowed me to get in touch with my customers’ wants and needs better than social media, SEO, or PPC. I can instantly see what message they connected with, what products they love, and what is drawing their attention.

I really underestimated the power of sending emails to our customers. While we use to send out emails once in a while, I see a very dramatic difference in the conversions and open rate now that Logical Position sends them out. Their team is full of professionals that specialize in writing, content, and formatting to really give your emails the power to stand out and get results. Jeremy and his team are very attentive to every detail, and it’s unbelievable how much data they can gather and use from these emails.”

-Kenny Roopchard, Director of Operations


  • To build an email marketing campaign from scratch
  • To begin sending campaigns
  • To increase traffic to the site
  • To increase average monthly revenue
Case Study - Vincent’s Meat Market


When Vincent’s Meat Market started working with Logical Position in late May 2020, they were not doing any email marketing; only our Ecommerce Basic package. After getting strong results, they moved from the Basic to the Ecommerce Fully Managed package in October 2020. LP increased the number of automated emails from three to seven and began sending two manual emails per month, a newsletter, and product promotion. This strategic approach effectively brought conversions and revenue as well as increased traffic to their site.


In May 2020, Vincent’s Meat Market started their partnership with Logical Position for an Ecommerce – Basic email package. And then in October 2020, they upgraded to an Ecommerce Fully Managed package. This is when Vincent’s Meat Market saw a large increase in results. LP has been able to continue growing their results through additional automated and manual emails. In November, LP captured 38% of their site revenue—up from 18% in July. In total email revenue, Vincent’s Meat Market saw a 77% increase.


October 2020
November 2020
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Total Revenue by Automated Email Type

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Total Revenue by Campaign Email Type

When comparing October 2020 to November 2020, Vincent’s Meat Market saw extraordinary results. For automated emails, Vincent’s Meat Market saw a 45% increase in automated emails opened. Additionally, they saw a 53% increase in total revenue solely attributed to automated emails. Vincent’s Meat Market also saw over a 50% increase in total revenue from campaign emails.

Vincent’s Meat Market saw an increase of 4,965% on their ROI due to adding email marketing to their bundle of services with LP. In such a short period, email marketing has proven to be very profitable for their business. With each passing month, the results are surpassing the prior months’ records.

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