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How LP Helped Visicomm Find the Right Frequency!

Paid Search Ad Spend: $10,050
SEO Ad Spend: $1,499

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Wisconsin-based Visicomm Industries is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of electrical frequency converters for both military and industrial applications. As a B2B supplier, they produce, sell, and lease a broad range of rotary and solid state design frequency converters, changer products, and control panels to manufacturers and high-powered industrial fabricators. They service commercial enterprises in the aeronautics and jet propulsion fields, and other heavy equipment production facilities.

Key Metrics

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Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

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Increase in Conversions

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Increase in Form Fills

Case Study - Visicomm Industries

“We’ve had a great experience working with Logical Position! It can be a bit of a tough nut to crack in our industry, but they’ve been able to deliver high quality leads for our business much more efficiently than our prior experience. Not to mention they launched our SEO efforts, which have given our business a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that’s really sustainable.”

— Mason Chapman, Vice President, Visicomm Industries

Why Logical Position?

Prior to partnering with Logical Position, Visicomm was working with another digital advertising agency on their PPC campaigns, but they were concerned about their quality score and the impact that had on ad spend efficiency. They were looking for a partner to take a hands-on approach with improved account structure to deliver real results for the B2B business. As a Lead Generation business, they needed to set up offline conversion tracking to better inform their campaigns with improved audience targeting.


Increase lead volume

Improve lead quality

Get CPA <$100

Increase organic site traffic

Our Strategy

Improving PPC Account Efficiency

To improve account efficiency for Visicomm, we restructured their campaigns with single keyword ad groups to gain insights into high-performing keywords – this allowed our team to understand which levers to push and which ones to pull. From there, we further segmented their campaigns between Canada, USA, and Mexico, providing an additional layer to identify the greatest opportunities for the B2B supplier. Additionally, we removed all broad search terms, which were underperforming and dragging ad spend efficiency down.

Case Study - Visicomm Industries

Upon determining which opportunities were most lucrative, we implemented bid-modifiers to drive more conversions in Mexico, which showed extreme upside in our account data. Finally, we implemented offline conversion tracking to continually improve account efficiency. This is vital to any serious lead generation account looking to hone in on quality over quantity and refine their audience targeting.

Finding the SEO Baseline

To complement the paid search efforts and capture more branded traffic for Visicomm, we deployed a variety of SEO initiatives to set the business up for success. First and foremost, we performed a technical audit of their existing site, which had been rebuilt 8 months prior to working with LP. We used this to prioritize which category pages to restructure with proper titles and descriptions and where to bulk up the content to rank for additional keywords. Next, we built out industry relevant backlinks to increase their domain authority and drive new users to their site. This mission was critical to sending robust content signals to the search engines for their niche products.

Case Study - Visicomm Industries


Positively Charged PPC Campaigns

We’ve maintained Visicomm’s 10k monthly ad spend, but we’ve done so much more efficiently. Since they joined in fall of 2021 to spring of 2023, we’ve achieved the following account results:

  • 245% increase in conversions overall
  • 24% decrease in costs
  • 327% conversion rate increase
  • 480% increase in conversions from Mexico
  • 2,170% increase in conversions from Canada

Riding the SEO Keyword Current

Case Study - Visicomm Industries

Similarly, our efforts on the organic side have been equally impressive for Visicomm. From fall of 2021 to spring of 2023, our team has delivered on the following KPIs.

  • 263% increase in overall keywords (68 to 251)
  • 485% increase in first page keywords (7 to 41)
  • 75% increase in contact form submissions

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