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How Working Service Dog Increased Sales By 43%

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Working Service Dog (WSD) is a manufacturer of training and working supplies for all types of service dogs. The company started running Amazon Ads to supplement the sales they earned directly from their website. After deciding to partner with Logical Position in March of 2018, the company’s Amazon Ads began showing both an increase in total conversion value and a decrease in average cost-per-conversion.

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Increase in Sales

“I wanted to express my thanks and satisfaction with the way Logical Position is handling my Amazon advertising campaign. Having your team handle this for me is such a relief. I felt like even with my best effort I was just throwing money out the window managing my own campaigns. Thank you for all you do with my account and keep up with the great work.”

-Joseph Schmukler, Owner

Case Study - Working Service Dog

What Were Their Goals?

The owner of WSD was handling his business’s Amazon Ads campaign himself but struggled to raise their performance. That’s why WSD’s number one goal was increasing ad spend efficiency. In order to reach this goal, Logical Position conducted keyword research to discover what potential customers were searching for and used this knowledge to implement new strategies that would convert better on Amazon.

What Were the Results?

After Logical Position began managing WSD’s Amazon Ads, their total conversion value increased by 43%. Logical Position was able to achieve this sales increase while simultaneously decreasing the average cost-per-conversion by 20%, meaning their Amazon Ads were driving more sales at lower costs.

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