How To Know When Your Logo Needs an Update

How To Know When Your Logo Needs an Update

There are many reasons to give your business’s branding a face-lift. Updating your logo and other print and design staples brings tons of benefits. Still, if you do this too often, it can throw off your branding efforts and leave customers feeling detached from your business. Experimenting with a balance of updates and consistency is essential. Learn how to know when your logo needs an update.

It Looks Visually Outdated

Consumers often dismiss brands simply because they look outdated. A logo communicates a brand’s quality and care. If the logo is outdated, customers may see it as a sign that the brand’s products or services are also outdated.

Visual outdatedness is subjective, but identifying a logo that’s out of touch with modern marketing is often relatively easy. If you’re beginning to think that your logo appears outdated and that it may need an update, search the web for modern, strong logos to see how yours holds up. If your logo is a bit outdated, it may only need a refresh rather than a full redesign. A refresh is a small update to keep it in line with consumers’ changing expectations. It’s best to invest in a refresh every 5 to 10 years.

Your Business or Brand Has Changed

One of the most common reasons for a logo update is that the brand is changing. This could mean that you’ve redefined your company’s mission or values or that you’re changing your product offerings. When your logo no longer reflects your business, it’s a sure sign you need a change. Keeping your logo a reflection of your company’s brand, identity, and offerings is vital.

You’re Targeting a New Audience

Businesses change target audiences more than you may think. Logos look different depending on who they’re targeting. For example, suppose a company used to target individuals in the 50 or older category and is now rebranding to target teenagers. In that case, the logo most likely needs a full redesign—and the branding probably needs a complete update, too! What works for one audience doesn’t always work for another.

It Needs Simplifying

People often forget messy, crowded logos because they’re not visually appealing. A robust, clear logo can significantly affect your clients and customers because they’re more likely to remember your brand. Visually crowded logos overwhelm people and end up lost in the other ad noise that people block out all day. A simple logo gives people a clean, attractive thing to remember and associate your business with.

How to know when your logo needs an update is often as simple as paying attention to the signs. There are many signs that show your business needs the help of professional logo creation services. Hiring professional graphic designers to handle your logo redesign is vital. It guarantees a professional, on-brand logo that helps your business transition while showing customers you care enough to invest properly in your business and in their experience.

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