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An effective visual identity can define your brand

Logos That Set You Apart

An effective visual identity can define your brand. From first impressions to lasting connections, a logo will symbolize your company and everything you stand for. When well designed, logos instantly communicate your brand values and differentiate you from the competition. As designers, we are experts at transforming ideas into meaningful visual concepts. Let us help you define your brand identity and set you apart visually.

Logo Design

Talon Protection Group Horizontal
Talon Protection Group Stacked

Client Logo Spotlight

Talon Protection Group


Talon Protection Group is a security provider that uses force with discernment to provide security and protection when it matters most. They came to us to design a new look to help them assert their brand identity through logo design. The primary logo we created cuts to the chase by demonstrating the precision, strength, and force of Talon Protection at work through the visualization of their namesake, the talon. In the secondary logo we used the powerful imagery of a swooping eagle to speak to the brand’s unique promise: To be forever vigilant.

Past Projects

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Brands Beautifully Crafted

Brands Beautifully Crafted

Brands Beautifully Crafted

Based on our discovery process, we will develop four meaningful concepts for you to choose from. We will then provide logo deliverables suited to a variety of real-world applications.

Logo Design starts at $2,000 and includes the following deliverables:

  • Horizontal and vertical orientations
  • PNG, JPG, and EPS file types
  • Full color, full color negative (inverse), black, and white colorways

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“Logical Position, Bree and the rest of the team were a joy to work with. They were extremely communicative and prompt to answer any questions, provide updates and set meetings with my busy schedule. They delivered excellent choices for our logo that ended up being so good we opted to select two of them because we couldn’t choose which one was the best.”


“I am so thrilled with the logo – Mike and I are sitting here smiling – so great – thank you all so much!”

The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC

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