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It’s no secret that sellers and vendors on Amazon have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers! In this space, professionally designed content is one of the best ways to demonstrate brand maturity, gain customer trust, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Explore the ways that your brand can achieve success on Amazon with our creative services.

Video Content

Amazon A+ Content

Influence Buying Decisions

Savvy sellers use Amazon A+ Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC) to engage with shoppers who rely on research to gain confidence in the pre-purchase phase. A+ Content increases viewers’ time spent on the page, which ultimately influences buying decisions through demonstrating product value and brand credibility. According to Amazon, implementing A+ Content can increase sales by 3-10%.

Boost Brand Recognition

There are limited opportunities to reinforce your brand on Amazon so it’s important to bring your brand colors, imagery, and messaging to the product listing where you can. Visually compelling branded content has the potential to stop fast scrollers in their tracks before they hit the competition at the bottom of the page.

Enhance Product Knowledge

A+ Content is a great tool to demonstrate your product’s value, explain how it’s used, and address common questions through informative and visual content modules.

Basic A+ Content utilizes up to 5 modules of custom content to help you communicate your product quality and nail the sale with layers of imagery and text that automatically adjust for mobile viewing. Enjoy the cross-selling capabilities of the Basic A+ Content comparison chart that features clickability to get users engaged with your other products.

  • Basic A+ Content design starts at $500
  • Amazon allows Brand Registered Sellers and Vendors to access Basic A+ Content

Premium A+ Content utilizes up to 7 modules of content optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing to help you dynamically differentiate your product. Premium A+ Content features full-width, interactive module designs and supports video media allowing you to immerse your audience in content.

  • Premium A+ Content design starts at $1,050
  • Amazon allows Vendors to access Premium A+ Content

Basic A+ Content for Sharkbanz

Sharkbanz Basic Amazon Content

Basic A+ Content for Sharkbanz

Premium A+ Content for Sharkbanz

Sharkbanz Premium Amazon Content

Premium A+ Content for Sharkbanz

Video Content for Amazon

Sponsored Brands Video (SBV)

Stand out in Amazon shopping results by helping customers discover your brand and products as they shop on mobile or desktop. Advertisers who implement short, auto-playing ads in Sponsored Brands Video campaigns generally see a greater return on their investment. On average, advertisers see 153% increased impressions, 162% increased clicks, and 48% increase in ROAS.

Video Content for Amazon starts at $500

Learn More About Video Content for Amazon

Sponsored Brands Video for Thaan Charcoal

Sponsored Brands Video for Stylish Fabric

Sponsored Brands Video for Joyful Dirt

Designed Product Listing Images

Emphasize Key Selling Points

In a sea of competition, user attention is in high demand and short supply. Designed product listing images provide a practical opportunity to emphasize the most important information so that it stands out on the page.

Demonstrate Credibility

Shoppers heavily rely on branded visual cues to recognize your brand and high-quality products from the cheap knock-offs. Don’t waste this opportunity to capitalize on your brand’s reputation.

Gain Shopper Confidence

Product listing images don’t have to be bare-bones and boring. In fact, a little design can go a long way to influence buying decisions when you use it to declare special product features, showcase product specs, or demonstrate product quality.

Graphic Image design starts at $100/image

*Product photography services not included.

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What Our Clients Say

“The A+ Content team at Logical Position was fantastic to work with! We were working to build out our Amazon presence and they were essential to our efforts! The creative team went above and beyond in both the visuals that they chose as well as the descriptions of our products and overall brand. We are thrilled with the A+ Content that they designed for our brand!”

-Guyanne N., All in Faith

“Having overseen various creative teams creating content for tons of Amazon listings over the past 12 years, I feel as if I’m in a credible position to appreciate a superb job done with absolutely no drama. I can recommend Bree and her team for a very pleasant experience, for insightful copywriting, and for a deep sensitivity to Brand Image.”

-Avrohom R., Kalencom

“The Logical Position design team is a pleasure to work with. Their creative skill combines with industry best practices to deliver the data-driven results our company values. We’ve been able to leverage the impressive visual communication skills that the Creative team brings to the table into growth across all sections of our e-commerce business.”

-Nathan G., Sharkbanz

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