In-House Marketing vs. Agency: Why You Should Outsource

In-House Marketing vs. Agency: Why You Should Outsource

When the going gets rough and your business needs a boost, it’s tempting to cut costs in marketing by doing it yourself. Before you do, know what you stand to lose if you leave or don’t hire an agency. It may seem cheaper to do your marketing in-house, but it’s not. For most small businesses it can be costly. If you’re pondering the pros and cons of in-house marketing or agency and which is right for you, keep in mind the following benefits of working with an agency with a great track record like Logical Position.


Hiring a digital marketing agency versus working in-house ensures you don’t have to rely on one person (perhaps yourself) with little to no marketing knowledge to run quality campaigns. You’re hiring a group of experts: researchers, analysts, SEO specialists, salespeople, website managers, account managers, copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers, social media managers, and other creative and business professionals with years of experience. You can probably write a facebook post or pay for display ads yourself, but do you know how to do it right dozens or even hundreds of times a month? Agencies ensure you get high-quality work.


What’s your marketing IQ? Be honest! No doubt you know your stuff when it comes to your field, but not many business owners have marketing skills in their back pocket. When you think about working in-house versus agency, consider how much you know about running a campaign. Not knowing the basics puts you at risk of making costly mistakes. That’s less likely with an agency like Logical Position. They’ve seen it all, and have solutions to typical problems at the ready.


Cost is a dealbreaker, but if you try to save money by performing in-house marketing versus outsourcing, you’ll actually spend more. Agencies are cheaper because you can pay for a packaged monthly service and get more back. Paying a fee runs you far less than paying a salary to a single employee. And if you’re unhappy with the service an agency offers, they can always accommodate you. Compare that with the time and expense needed to fire and rehire a new employee at your company.


Frankly, most business owners want to concentrate on their work, and don’t want to be bothered with the nuts and bolts of marketing. Especially smaller businesses (something Logical Position specializes in). Marketing through an agency is more efficient not only for the knowledge and experience mentioned above but also because of the connections they possess. Logical Position formed multiple partnerships with the major entities you need to work with to do business in the 21st century. We have connections with Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others and know the best way to work with them. We also know what works and what doesn’t, and what can get you flagged or kicked off a platform. If things go sideways, you want an agency looking out for you!

In-House Marketing or Agency: Which Is Right for You?

In an economic downturn, it’s tempting to try to save money by handling your own marketing or cutting your marketing budget. Surprisingly, that’s the best time to market, and you can make bigger gains by doubling down on your advertising, social media presence, and so forth. A reliable agency like Logical Position finds the best plan for your company and provides transparent pricing so you can budget accordingly. If you’re thinking about going solo, please contact us first for a consultation so we can explore your options together!

Dustin Weatherly

Dustin Weatherly, SEO Analyst Team Lead

Dustin Weatherly is the SEO Analyst Team Lead at Logical Position, an Inc. 500 company headquartered in Oregon with offices nationwide. The agency offers full-service PPC management, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, and website design solutions for businesses large and small, and was ranked as the third best place to work in America by Inc. Magazine.

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