In the Wake of More Google Updates Having a Solid PPC Strategy Pays Off

In the Wake of More Google Updates Having a Solid PPC Strategy Pays Off

Google released another search update a few months ago called Hummingbird. It rewards websites with relevant, original content and attempts to penalize those that have irrelevant content or are spam-filled. This comes just a short time after the major Penguin and Panda updates which aimed to penalize websites violating Google’s Webmaster Policies. Most effected were websites using “Link Schemes,” or manipulating the number of links to a website for SEO rankings. These actions are described as black-hat techniques.

None of this should worry business owners who are managing their websites correctly by posting fresh, original and relevant content on a regular basis. The updates allow Google to better serve their user-base by providing the most relevant results when someone is searching.

Having a solid paid search strategy using platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook is as important as ever. Even if your website is positioned well within Google’s organic links today, updates occur which can thwart your efforts. 99% of Google’s revenue is tied to their AdWords ad delivery platform. They are constantly adding new features like sitelink extensions and click-to-call options in order to increase the return for their advertisers.

If you have questions with any of this and are in need of a Portland search engine marketing company, feel free to reach out to us; we are happy to help!

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