Keyword Bids in Amazon Marketing

Keyword Bids in Amazon Marketing

Many people are flocking to Amazon to sell their products and keep up with consumer demand. Successfully selling on this platform takes grit and dedication. The competition is fierce, and one of the most challenging things to navigate on the platform is keyword bidding. Check out a quick guide to keyword bids in Amazon marketing.

Figuring Out What To Bid On

The first step in the keyword bidding process is deciding which keywords are valuable to your company. Unlike Google, Amazon does not support a built-in keyword research tool for its merchants. The lack of a tool leaves companies with three main options for their keyword research:

Third-Party Keyword Research Tool

There’s no built-in or Amazon-sponsored keyword research tool, but some reliable third-party sites provide keyword research help. These can work quite well for companies without prior keyword research knowledge or an agency backing their results.


Going with your instincts and self-researching can also be effective if you have background knowledge on running paid Amazon ads. For example, if a company sells watchbands, an automated third-party tool may suggest “Apple watch” as a keyword. However, if the watch bands aren’t compatible with Apple watches, this is not a beneficial keyword to bid on. Instead, the company should target “watchband” with alterations that describe the bands’ material, the size of the bands, and the types of watches with which the bands are compatible.

Amazon’s Automated Targeting

The third way to find the right keywords for your products and brand is to utilize the automated targeting feature within Amazon. Amazon will show you what keywords it thinks your business should show up for. This is a great place to start, but it often requires some fine-tuning.

The Bidding Process

Once you decide on keywords to bid on for your products and brand, it’s time to bid. The general structure of Amazon’s keyword bidding is very similar to that of Google’s. Using the previous example of a brand selling watchbands, the company should create a sponsored products keyword campaign for “leather watchbands” and create an ad group that holds all related material-based keywords. Targeting exact phrases and broad-match versions of keywords is the most effective method—although it’s only recommended for agencies or people with previous Amazon ads management experience, as it requires Start small with what you know will work and slowly expand as you see sales begin to come through.

Other Key Elements

Amazon judges a seller or product based on historical sales, so PPC (pay-per-click) efforts and organic rankings are tethered. Investing in PPC ads for Amazon is essential to move up in organic rankings and to increase sales overall.

The best advice for a brand is to ensure keywords are easy to track. Put them in their own ad groups and watch how each keyword performs.

How an Agency Can Help

There are many benefits to working with an agency to improve the way you approach your keyword bidding strategy through Amazon paid ads. Keyword bids in Amazon marketing are essential to a campaign’s success. Working with an agency means your brand gains the expertise of a seasoned professional.

At Logical Position, we help our clients improve their keyword bidding strategies and share our knowledge with them to ensure they see the most success possible with their Amazon PPC campaigns. Contact us today for a free consultation on Amazon paid ads management.

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