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The 4 Keys to Unlocking Recruiting-Worthy Company Culture

What does it take to create a company culture worth bragging about?  No matter how big or small, no business is immune to the deadly effects of high turnover.

Since its founding in 2009, Logical Position (LP) has been named one of the Oregonian’s Top Workplaces three times, boasts a 4.6-star rating on Glassdoor and almost forty percent of its workforce that started in 2013 is still with the company.  

Think about that for a second…

In a world where the millennial workforce is expected to job-hop (see these studies on LinkedIn & CareerBuilder) long-term employment at LP has become an expectation.

LP’s working environment didn’t happen on accident- so here are some of the main elements to creating and maintaining a thriving company culture:

 1.  Hire Fun People

Fun-loving team players have a contagious attitude that elevate the workforce.

When asked how he cultivated the vibrant culture at Logical Position, CEO Mike Weinhouse explained “I don’t necessarily feel responsible for it- I brought awesome people together and let them start creating”.

In the hiring process, LP weighs teamwork and coaching experience more heavily than industry knowledge and it’s our #1 indicator of future success.  You can always coach someone on how to do their job but you can’t change someone’s attitude for them.

 2.  Arm Them With Knowledge & Opportunities

Invest in your assets; cross-trained employees are your secret weapon.  At LP we focus on development and understanding over immediate results.  This process fosters and promotes teamwork, so no one is thrown to the wolves and everyone helps each other.

To combat job-hopping urges your employees may be feeling, create opportunities within your organization and promote from within.   Satisfy those wandering eyes with tools with which grow, rewarding hard work often, and by promoting loyalty.  Be cognizant of the message it sends when you hire an outside candidate over your existing team members.

 3.  Cut the Drama

Seriously.  If you think that creating a hierarchy in your workplace is a good idea, you clearly have a problem.  Exclusionary environments breed inter-office animosity, jealousy, low productivity and high turnover rates.

One of the reasons Logical Position’s CEOs, Michael Weinhouse & John Ganey, have a perfect approval rating on Glassdoor is because of the sense of comradery they promote within the company and the absence of egos within the leadership.

Mike Weinhouse strives to have a personal connection with each of his employees. “I don’t think of myself as above anyone here” he stated, “I try to position myself as part of the team rather than the boss, or owner of it.”  His philosophy is that, contrary to the common personification, a company is a living being and you need to feed it and nurture it rather than treat it like a machine.

 4.  Have fun!

Erik's Promotion CastleFrom a healthy work-life balance to all the fun things we do around the office, Logical Position balances professionalism and fun with a laser focus.  Life is too short to deprive yourself or your colleagues from a healthy dose of fun.

Jamie Connor said it best: “I laugh every day- which isn’t typical for someone in HR” (she was definitely cranking “That’s Not My Name” when I walked into her office).  From office pranks, rap battles, promotion castles, and happy hours, there is no shortage of it around here.

Meagan McCoy is head of our A.C.E.S. Social Committee, and as such, she organizes after-hours social outings on top of her normal workload; “I love who I work with – we are just a great big family”; and boy, does she spoil us… check out the video below of LogicalPalooza 2016:


And, not to brag, but LP employees get a lot of perks. With free-breakfast Wednesdays, office parties and beer Fridays, Logical Position has the company culture thing down.

And if this is the kind of place you could see yourself at and you want to work in Portland, Chicago, Las Vegas or Austin, visit our careers page or send your resume to

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