Top Tips for Building an Effective SEO Strategy

Top Tips for Building an Effective SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a worthwhile investment for any company with an online presence. Online discoverability is vital for a company’s success in today’s digital-first world. Check out the top tips for building an effective SEO strategy.

Start With the Foundation

The foundation of a company’s search engine optimization is its website. For a website to develop in the rankings on search engines such as Google, the site must be user-friendly and set up for easy crawlability by search engine site crawlers. Ensure your site has these essential elements:

  • Content on every page
  • Meta
  • Headers
  • Titles

Each of these elements should communicate one central idea: your business. Your business is what your site is about; therefore, all the content should match this main idea.

Pro Tip: Develop an “elevator pitch” for your business. Express the elevator pitch on your site to lay the foundation of what makes your brand stand out from the competition.

Identify Important Parts of Your Website

Once your site has a solid foundation, it’s time to identify which parts of your website are the most important. These should act as the landing pages. Landing pages show customers exactly what they need.

Landing pages are what you want your customers to land on when they click your ads or search key terms in Google. These pages are meant for them to land on, quickly gather the information they want, and convert. Landing pages need a good amount of high-quality content, easy-to-access contact information and a clear and concise call to action.

Add Content To Your Site

Building up the onsite SEO is essential to increase in rankings. Adding content to a website is the best way to increase the rankings. Content is how Google’s site crawlers understand what your site is about and what it should rank for. Without content, the crawlers have little information to understand.

Many businesses fall flat on their websites when it comes to content. People tend to focus on the very visual aspects of websites. Still, there’s a fine line between appealing to the user and ranking higher for Google so users can find your site.

There’s only so much content a business can include on their website pages, which is why a blog is a valuable part of SEO development.

Obtain Backlinks

Backlinks are tremendously crucial for SEO. They show Google that your site displays high-quality content that’s appealing to users. Obtaining backlinks is tricky for businesses. Not many websites will reach out and link to your site randomly.

A backlink is a type of digital referral that Google pays close attention to. Suppose your business is looking to develop backlinks. In that case, it can invest time into manual link outreach, where you reach out to other websites and ask them to link back to your content.

How Logical Position Can Help

Building an effective SEO strategy is a meticulous process requiring expertise and industry insights. Logical Position provides each of our clients with a dedicated account manager, SEO content writer, graphic designer, a team of editors, analysts, and more to ensure their goals are met.

We take pride in our robust publishing network. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship with online publications that regularly provide our clients with backlinks through provided high-quality content. If you’re ready to take your website’s SEO to the next level, check out our search engine optimization packages and contact us for a free consultation. Our client, NAC Supply, is a true test of our dedication and experience in SEO.


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