Why You Should Be Advertising Your Products on Amazon

Why You Should Be Advertising Your Products on Amazon

Amazon is more than a place to buy stuff; it’s a space where shoppers go to discover new and exciting brands. Currently, it’s the largest ecommerce channel out there, and for sellers, it comes pre-equipped with a strong, loyal, and reliable customer base. People use Amazon because they trust the platform. That trustworthiness means customers are more willing to buy from a brand they’ve never encountered before. Finally, conversion rates are relatively high on Amazon. When people search on Amazon, they’re likely in the purchase stage of the marketing funnel and ready to convert.

If you’re not selling on Amazon or using Amazon advertising services, your competition likely is. Amazon has more than 9.5 million sellers, and thousands more enter the marketplace every day. But beyond a ready-made audience, there are many more reasons why you should be advertising your products on Amazon!

A Level Playing Field

Millions of sellers can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be discouraging. Sales velocity, a fact of life on Amazon, refers to the growth in number of orders and revenue a seller generates each day. The more a brand sells, the more often they appear in the Amazon search results. This is easy for big-name retailers with strong brand recognition. For smaller sellers, advertising provides an opportunity to increase visibility through more prominent placement in search results.

Video Helped the Amazon Star

Along with search marketing, Amazon marketing services also offer video advertising. If you have a creative department with video production capabilities, get them started on producing short videos about you and what you do. Straightforward, explanatory videos that demonstrate product uses and features are great, but video also provides an exciting and vibrant way to tell your brand’s story and get customers excited about your products. Currently, not many sellers make use of this function, so it’s a unique way to draw attention to your store and goods.

Making Headlines

Sponsored Brand ads are another must for establishing your Amazon presence. These ads feature headlines, your logo, and top-selling products. They stand out at the top of all the product listings, and do all this at a lower-than-average cost-per-click (CPC). Online real estate matters, and with Sponsored Brand headline ads you can occupy more than 50% of a search page and stay above the fold when a customer looks for your products. And if you’re competing with bigger companies, this is a great way to increase your exposure when people search for similar brands and products.

As a side note, 75% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new products. Sponsored Brand headline ads let you slip in and stand out in search results. Under the “halo” of Amazon’s reputation for service, 52% of shoppers are also more willing to buy an unfamiliar brand that turns up in an Amazon search.

Making the Journey

Statistically, consumers have an average of 14 touch points before making a purchase on Amazon. Your goal: stay with them every step of the way. Advertising on Amazon allows you and your brand to keep people in your “aisle” by reaching them through sponsored ads, videos, and more. Remember: if you’re not using Amazon advertising solutions, others are. Take advantage of Amazon’s strong brand recognition and customer base to give your brand the recognition it deserves.

Want to learn more about why you should be advertising your products on Amazon? Logical Position is a top Amazon advertising agency partner with long-term experience in using the site to promote businesses of every size. Contact us for a consultation today!

Craig Panozzo

Craig Panozzo, Senior Account Manager | Retail Media

Craig Panozzo is the Senior Account Manager | Retail Media at Logical Position, an Inc. 500 company headquartered in Oregon with offices nationwide. The agency offers full-service PPC management, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, and website design solutions for businesses large and small, and was ranked as the third best place to work in America by Inc. Magazine.

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