Why You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Website

Why You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Website

Having a website for your business is all but a requirement for running a trustworthy and successful business in today’s world. Most people expect companies to run a website so they can verify the legitimacy of the brand. This expectation is driving companies to develop websites quickly. Discover why you shouldn’t create your own website.

Web Design Is Complicated

While building a basic website in a template creator is an easy task, this often leaves sites looking cheap and unprofessional. Business websites want to draw in customers and solidify the legitimacy of the brand, not diminish it.

If you don’t hire a professional website developer, your site will not look professional. There are design limitations in template-based builders because web design is more than it seems on the topical level. You have to know what you’re doing for the site to function well and look aesthetically pleasing.

Pro Tip: Things that take a website developer mere minutes often take an amateur hours or days to complete. It saves time and provides a better website when you use a professional.

It Is Easy To Miss Important Details

A professional web designer knows exactly what to do to create a site that functions and boosts the business. Unprofessional-looking websites instill mistrust in users. Professionals know to ensure there is an SSL certificate and can design it to load quickly.

There are mistakes business owners make when they create their own websites instead of hiring a professional. Here are a few examples of common mistakes amateurs tend to make.

  • Uploading high-resolution images or videos that slow your site speed down.
  • Using one text size and font that quickly loses user interest.
  • Not setting up indexing to allow Google to crawl the site.
  • Forgetting to include SEO meta information.
  • Creating a new site without creating 301 redirects from the old site.
  • Not installing codes such as Google Analytics or conversion tracking.
  • Not building a responsive website that is mobile and desktop friendly.

A professional website developer knows what to look out for when creating a website or migrating an existing one, so your business is set up for success from the start.

Your Website Reflects Your Company

Consumers take a business’s online presence seriously. The quality of your website reflects the quality of goods and services your customers expect from you. If your site looks cheap and low-quality, users will likely assume your offerings are as well.

Invest in your website like you invest in your business, even with the cost of a professional website developer; in the long run, a functioning website that reassures customers is a significant return on investment.

Website design is complicated and can even be challenging for professionals, but they have the tools and expertise to troubleshoot efficiently and effectively. When you’re considering building a new website or migrating from an old one, consider Logical Position.

We are a professional marketing business that knows every aspect of website building and more. We can set your site up for SEO, PPC, tracking, and so much more. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information on our website packages for small businesses.

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