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How Avanchy Saw a 634% Increase in Campaign Revenue

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The story of Avanchy started in 2014, when our founder, Faisal, noticed a distinct lack of sustainable, eco-friendly baby dishes. The father of 18-month-old twins and an eco-focused homeowner, he started thinking of the best way to serve organic foods without giving up on practicality. He found, “You spend hours of research on the best organic ingredients for your family only to find that there are no true organic alternatives to serve them in.”

Faisal already had the requirements of the perfect baby dishes; they had to be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials by means of ethical techniques, and they had to be easy to use around children. Further, having learned from his small twins, mealtime with babies tends to be quite messy, so the addition of a special suction cup to hold the dishes in place was a must.

After researching the market for more than half a year to find the perfect collection of baby dishes but finding nothing that met those exact requirements, Faisal decided to design the baby dishes himself. Six months later, the prototype for the Avanchy Baby Bowl was ready to be tested by friends and family. Impressed with the idea, they encouraged him to expand and make it available for parents everywhere.

Key Metrics

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Increase – Amazon Total Store Revenue

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Increase – Email Marketing Revenue

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Increase – Automation Revenue

“Rachel with the email marketing team at Logical Position has been instrumental in our rapid growth. She is able to work with various members of the company to accommodate quick release initiatives and organically maintain our long-term strategy. The team has proven efficient in creating a profitable, rapid-growing curated database that allows us to keep our clients involved and educated. Thank you, LP”

-Jorge Albornoz, VP

Email Marketing Goals

  • Develop and maintain a strong email marketing presence
  • Keep parents buying products as their children age or buy them as gifts for others
  • To increase traffic to the site
  • To increase average monthly revenue
  • To get more people engaged with a reward program
Case Study - Avanchy

Email Marketing Approach

When the client started with us in May of 2020, their email marketing revenue was minimal. We had to start with a very low revenue number and figure out how to increase engagement. Through strategizing, we have been able to bring the attributed email revenue up significantly.

Email Marketing Results

Since Avanchy hired Logical Position, we have been able to raise their email revenue significantly. Currently, Avanchy is making, on average, 30% of its attributed revenue. They have also been able to increase the number of emails sent out for Avanchy.

June 2020
July 2021
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Increase in Campaign Revenue

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Increase in Overall Revenue

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Increase in Automation Revenue

Amazon Goals

  • To increase average monthly revenue
  • To increase traffic to Amazon store pages & storefront
  • To revamp storefront design & Amazon creative content
  • To increase average daily/monthly units sold

Amazon Approach

Logical Position took over as Avanchy’s Amazon Account Manager in July 2021. During the first meeting, Avanchy stressed their desire to scale their total store revenue dramatically, while still maintaining a 10% ACoS goal. It was important to drive additional growth for their business, but at that time keeping their existing 10% advertising-cost-of-sale goal was limiting their potential to achieve this growth. We spoke at length about this, and we ultimately decided to move to a more flexible 10% total-cost-of-advertising goal, which takes ad spend into consideration as a percentage of his overall store sales.

Case Study - Avanchy

This resetting of goals allowed LP to scale the ad investment by 27% while maintaining a better-than-desired return, doubling their customer audience, and driving significant store growth. When Avanchy first came on with LP, their ad investment was limited and as a result their total store revenue was minimal. Through more flexible and therefore more aggressive ad investment, LP has been able to drive the growth they were hoping for.

Amazon Results

December 2019 to October 2021

Since Avanchy began working with Logical Position’s Amazon team, we have been able to drive significant sales growth, both on an advertising and overall store basis. In the last two years, Avanchy has seen their average monthly revenue grow by 125% without any dramatic decrease in profitability. Instead, they’ve enjoyed a 117% increase in conversion rates by targeting a more relevant audience and improving their sales rank and ad visibility. This was driven primarily by an expansion of and increased investment in advertising.

Comparing the date ranges:

December 2019 to October 2021

  • 125% increase in total store revenue
  • 128% increase in average monthly units ordered
  • 313% increase in ad-attributed orders
  • 304% increase in ad-attributed revenue
  • 205% increase in ad-attributed traffic to the store
  • 117% increase in total store conversion rate

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