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How Julius K-9 Saw A 2,368% Increase In Revenue

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JULIUS-K9® is a European company that has been in the dog equipment business since 1997. We specialize in harnesses designed to complement all dogs—from family to sporting or working. Our custom patches allow customers to personalize each harness with names, sayings, instructions, identification features, or alerts. We have become the market leader in this category across Europe over the last two decades. In 2016, the company formed its U.S. Subsidiary in Tampa, FL. The developers try to create products that will enhance the relationship and bond between any dog and its owner, considering the smallest details that will make life easier and more enjoyable for both. The development, sourcing, production, and rigorous testing behind each product far exceed the high standards of the European Union.

Key Metrics

Julius K9 - Increase in Total Revenue


Increase in Total Revenue
Aug. 2020 – Sept. 2020

Julius K9 - Increase in Return on Investment


Increase in Return on Investment
paid $1,299 made $16,940

Julius K9 - Increase in Automated Email Open Rate


Increase in Automated Email Open Rate

“Since we decided to work with Logical Position, and they took over managing our Google account, our sales have grown significantly. I also trusted them with SEO paid social and email marketing. I love to work with them—not only are they knowledgeable, but they are also responsive, proactive, and reliable. You can trust them 100%; they take a lot of pressure off me, so I can focus on other aspects of the business.”

-Andrew Herein, Owner of Julius-K9


  • To increase open rate
  • To begin sending campaigns
  • To increase click-through-rate
  • To increase traffic to the site
  • To increase average monthly revenue
Case Study - Julius K9


Before hiring Logical Position for email marketing services, JULIUS-K9® had not been sending campaigns and only had one automated email in place. For optimal results, LP built out a suite of automated emails and began regularly sending a newsletter and product promotion emails. This strategic approach effectively brought conversions and revenue as well as increased traffic to their site.


In mid-August 2020, JULIUS-K9® started a partnership with Logical Position for an Ecommerce – Fully Managed email package. In August 2020, 1% of site revenue was coming from email. In September 2020, LP was able to bring that up to 27%, which is a 2,600% increase!

When comparing mid-August 2020 to September 2020, just a few weeks into their email package, JULIUS-K9® saw remarkable results. JULIUS-K9® saw a 7,610% increase in unique email opens and over 5,700% increase in unique clicks. By adding email marketing, JULIUS-K9® saw a 2,368% increase in revenue and an increase of over 1,200% on their return on investment.

Since partnering with Logical Position, the total placed orders during the campaign has increased by 3,700% (0 to 37) as well as an increase of 790% (10 to 89) by automated emails. In such a short period, email marketing has proven to be very profitable to JULIUS-K9®. With each passing month, the results are surpassing the prior months’ records.


Julius K9 - Increase in Total Orders Placed During Campaigns


Increase in Total Orders Placed During Campaigns

Julius K9 - Increase in Revenue


Increase in Revenue

Julius K9 - Increase in Total Orders Placed During Automated Emails


Increase in Total Orders Placed During Automated Emails

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