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How a Beverage Supplier Concocted the Perfect Mix With Email Marketing

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Extracting lifetime value from a customer base is one of the most effective ways to leverage brand equity. Repeat purchases are the lifeblood of a full-funnel strategy, and email marketing is front and center in establishing that buying behavior. Here’s how we helped a beverage company find the sweet spot with their clientele to establish a dependable revenue pipeline.

About Margarita Man

Case Study - Margarita Man

Margarita Man supplies the best frozen concentrate cocktail mix on the market. Their array of mouthwatering flavors are made from pure cane sugar with NO high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavoring. Using only premium ingredients, including organic flavoring with real fruit, is a rarity in the margarita machine flavor concentrate business. It costs a little more than using imitation products…but once you taste the difference, you’ll understand why.

As an organization, the business strives to supply the highest quality cocktail mixes that impress customers and cocktail connoisseurs alike, but it was our job to get it in front of them.

Email Marketing Goals

Increase list size to bring in new and engaged subscribers

Personalize emails, especially with wholesale and retail clients

Increase monthly revenue

Increase customer lifetime value

Drive more traffic to website

Margarita Man - Targets

Strategy Development

To start, we immediately got to work optimizing the signup form for Margarita Man. We A/B tested signup form strategies, including timing and styles, to find the ideal recipe for success. We adjusted form verbiage and incentives based on holiday seasons to maintain dynamic content. In a five-month period, our signup strategies increased the newsletter audience size by 343 percent.

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Maintaining Engagement

As we gained subscribers, we had to stay on top of our game when it came to engaging them. To do that, A/B testing automation campaigns was an essential tool for us to nurture these subscribers and turn them into long-term customers. Still, we wanted to take our strategy a step further with personalization to cater our content to the right audience. Margarita Man has both wholesale and retail customers, and we knew it was important to differentiate the strategies between the two. Diving into how best to show subscribers relevant content paid off, and we were able to see a significant increase in revenue.

The Sweet Taste of Success

Case Study - Margarita Man

Since signing on with the LP email marketing team in late 2022, Margarita Man has enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Their campaigns have achieved a collective 780 percent ROI across the board with 30 percent of total revenue attributed to email marketing. Moreover, in the most recent 3-month period, that increase has ballooned to an impressive 2,049 percent for our client.

Additional KPIs Realized

Margarita Man - Goals 1

55% increase in open rates

Margarita Man - Goals 2

343% list growth in 5-month period

Margarita Man - Goals 3

3% average click rate

Tips for Achieving Similar Results

Build Your List: Strong email marketing output can’t happen without a robust list of recipients. Identify opportunities to capture contact information with form fills and incentive-based signups.

Trust the Process: Although Margarita Man experienced immediate results, that’s not always the case. Email marketing does produce the highest ROI of any marketing channel, but don’t put the cart before the horse. Focus on generating reputable contacts, and work backward from there.

Personalize Your Output: There’s no one-size-fits-all email marketing campaign. To ensure your campaigns will make the biggest impact possible, work to deliver content that’s relevant to your audience. This might include suggested product bundles based on past purchasers or product refills based on the anticipated product churn.

Make the Proposal: You don’t need to get married to stay engaged. Remind your clientele about relevant holidays and seasonality shifts to stay top-of-mind and entice them to purchase.

Finding the Perfect Blend

Growing and maintaining your contact list is ongoing work, but with the right formula, any business can benefit from staying connected with its client base. With email marketing, you want to make new friends yet keep the old, so continue to monitor segments within your audience, paying close attention to the deliverables with which they engage and the products they purchase. This will keep your brand advocates close and continue to attract new customers to your business.

Is your business ready for a refreshing take on personalized email marketing services​? Reach out to speak with an LPer who will get you started on your digital marketing journey today!.

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