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How Rad Parts Achieved 255+ Conversions in 30 Days

Paid Search Ad Spend: $4,000
Paid Social Ad Spend: $1,000

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Based out of Oakdale, CA, Rad Parts (RP) sells top-of-the-line, side-by-side, all-terrain vehicle parts, accessories, and equipment. They also carry a wide array of items to help adventure enthusiasts explore the paths less traveled. From lugnuts and goggles, to drive belts, wheels, winches and radios, RP distributes the highest quality parts with best in class customer service.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Email Marketing Revenue

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8.94 Million

Impressions Through Paid Social

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Return on Ad Spend

Case Study - Rad Parts

“At Rad Parts we love providing the best in class ATV and UTV equipment to motorsport enthusiasts at all levels. The best part about working with Logical Position is they make that easier for us to do, and way more efficient. We trusted LP to steer us in the right direction, and they earned that trust many times over.”

— Robert Resz, Principal, Rad Parts

Why Logical Position?

RP was looking for a partner to match their enthusiasm and take their business to the next level. They wanted to scale and knew that required a holistic digital marketing strategy. When they onboarded in early 2020, they were managing everything in-house, and while they got by, they had more market opportunity than they could leverage. At the time, LP determined they needed a 6x return on ad spend (ROAS) to sustain their trajectory.

Our Strategy

Case Study - Rad Parts

Since RP was looking for a top-to-bottom refresh, we started by linking up their Google Analytics account to determine what worked well and what needed improvement. Based on that account audit, we determined they needed a website refresh to improve search engine readability and optimize their site for conversions. Without that, Google and Facebook ads performance would be severely hampered.

Once the new site was up and running, we rebuilt their Google Ad campaign using single keyword ad groups (SKAG) and single product ad groups (SPAG) to isolate success for their most popular items and determine where budget was spent most effectively. Knowing which levers to push and which to pull helped us achieve the desired 6x ROAS and effectively manage a flexible budget, so long as they hit the targets. This grew their monthly ad spend budget with Google by nearly 400%—from $3K to $15K.

To complement the efforts on PPC, we deployed Paid Social brand awareness campaigns to drive top of funnel traffic to their website. We targeted users with an expressed interest in UTV and ATV vehicles, along with a look-a-like audience derived from their Google Ads account. This, in combination with our SEO efforts, ensured a steady stream of site visitors with expressed interest in the products RP was selling.

Last but not least, we deployed an email marketing campaign to re-engage past purchasers and harness customer lifetime value. Since there are an almost infinite number of parts and accessories for off-road enthusiasts to choose from, we could bundle specific product promotions and holiday sales from the historical data available across their various campaigns.


  • Comparing year-over-year numbers for October 2021 vs. October 2020, Google Ads performance saw significant growth across the board. A 183% increase in spending led to a 197% increase in revenue, for a 4.7% boost in ROAS. During this period, conversions nearly doubled from 151 to 293.
  • RP saw fantastic email marketing gains between Q4 2020 and Q4 2021, and revenue growth was up by 80%.
  • Paid social campaigns saw 8.94 million impressions, and a phenomenal 22 cents cost per click for Facebook and Instagram advertising. Google Analytics showed a 20% year-over-year increase in paid Facebook traffic for January through August 2022, and a 38.6% increase in general from all sources. All this was achieved despite iOS changes in April 2021!
  • Since early 2020, organic traffic has increased by 1,142%, with new users increasing by 897%. Attributable revenue from SEO is up a whopping 11,420%.

Wow! If you ask us, that’s pretty rad.

Case Study - Rad Parts

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