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How Silverdale Autoworks Tripled Their Conversions On Google Ads

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Since 1994, Silverdale Autoworks has been the trusted automobile repair shop for Silverdale and Kitsap counties in Washington. They’re the only repair shop in the area that works on European cars like BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, which makes the shop an invaluable resource for foreign car owners. Despite this, times eventually got tough for Silverdale; in recent years more people have been buying American-made cars, and it caused Silverdale to nearly go out of business.

Key Metrics

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Google Ads Cost Per Acquisition has Decreased by

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More Conversions Since Working with LP

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Increase in Conversions During Silverdale’s Second Year with LP

Silverdale knew the importance of digital marketing, but wasn’t having much success with running paid search ads on their own. As business continued to slow down, the repair shop knew it needed to increase traffic to the shop, and fast. Silverdale reached out to Logical Position (LP) when they realized it was time to try something new. Silverdale’s goal was simple: they wanted to increase business! And they knew the best way to do that was by increasing the amount of calls they got about specific services and which car brands they work on. Armed with the repair shop’s goals, LP got to work building new paid search campaigns.

The Strategy

The key to success for Silverdale’s Google Ads campaigns was in how they were segmented. Before starting with LP, Silverdale had one broad campaign for everything. Once we took over, we segmented the campaigns into different types: we had a Shop & Service campaign to target potential customers wanting a specific service, a Car Brands campaign to target customers looking for shops that work on specific types of cars, and finally a Locations campaign to target people looking for a repair shop in their area. Segmenting the campaigns like this allowed us to control the budget better and target more qualified customers.

The Results

Business has been thriving for Silverdale ever since LP took over. In a year over year comparison, Silverdale’s conversions increased 330% and cost per acquisition decreased by 260%.

Case Study - Silverdale Autoworks

“Before I contacted Logical Position, I was doing paid search myself, not really knowing what to do – and it showed! Back then we were barely skimming by, and now we’re booking appointments two weeks out!” said Silverdale’s owner.

And every year seems to just keep getting better. In a comparison of our first and second year managing Silverdale’s account, conversions went up 55% and cost decreased 15%. Some things really do get better with age.

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