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How LP Reached $573K in PPC Revenue for SVS Sound

Paid Search Ad Spend: $130,000
Paid Social Ad Spend: $15,000

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Based in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS delivers high-end subwoofers, speakers, and audio accessories that enhance the home audio experience for the masses. Audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts revere SVS products because they deliver exhilarating audio performances on par with the finest speakers and subwoofers in the world. Their passion for amazing sound quality is revealed in every five-star review brought to life with every jaw-dropping, armrest-gripping sonic moment experienced with their product line.

Key Metrics

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Transaction Conversions More Than Doubled

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Ad Spend Over Two Years

Case Study - SVS Sound

“At SVS, we had been running paid search for a number of years internally but never really had the ability to give it the full time and attention it deserved. We also recognized there were always new developments being launched in both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads that we really wanted more insight on, which prompted us to seek out a partner who could be a real expert and trusted ally. Logical Position became just that for us in a multitude of ways. They’ve been instrumental in helping us optimize existing campaigns, analyzing data to run our account more efficiently, and with introducing new tactics and strategies we would not have known about otherwise. They’ve been an incredibly valuable partner helping us scale our paid search efforts and instrumental in the growth of the brand.”

— Keenan Davis, Senior Director of Marketing

Why Logical Position?

SVS partnered with LP in late 2019, to garner more granular insights on their paid search campaign efforts and attribution. Their initial goals were to expand audience reach and increase both campaign efficiency and overall effectiveness. SVS was seeking a premier partner that could increase sales volume, so they could focus on building industry leading speakers.

At the time, branded campaigns in Google Ads were the main focal point for SVS, but they knew there was a broader audience available that could become potential customers. SVS saw LP as a route to taking greater advantage of funnel opportunities through non-branded search, shopping, display, and YouTube, as well as a robust social media campaign. LP introduced new strategies to SVS with manual campaign builds that segmented search terms by product group and keywords, providing greater reach while targeting the right audiences.

Case Study - SVS Sound

Our Strategy

We started by analyzing historical data in their Google ads account manager to identify any past wins worth replicating. This helped us establish a baseline of what success looked like and shift from a quantitative approach to a qualitative one, which would sustain their account spend across multiple platforms. We started with paid search before expanding into paid social.

Paid Search

To introduce new customers to SVS, we used a mix of display and discovery ads to prospect to users showing an interest in home audio and visual equipment. To ensure campaign efficiency from the start, we focused on their most profitable items, subwoofers and speakers.

We segmented each product by individual shopping campaigns to isolate success and accelerate the learning curve within the account. This helped us make informed decisions on which levers to push and pull once we began scaling the account. Similarly, we tested various ad creatives to understand what was most appealing to our audience to drive engagement and increase our click-through rate. This helped us define our tone with respect to our overall marketing strategy.

Case Study - SVS Sound

Once we grew the top of funnel traffic and increased new-site users, we deployed dynamic remarketing ads that showed users content they recently viewed on various SVS’ website pages. We combined this with eye-catching videos on YouTube for both prospecting and remarketing to ensure we were leveraging as many available touchpoints as possible. This continually helped move buyers further down the sales funnel and closer to purchase.

To build trust in the partnership, we employed multi-channel funnel and conversion reports through Google Analytics, so full account transparency was never in question. This also allowed us to identify campaigns that worked best when it came time to properly allocate the budget.

Finally, once we had our footing, we used target return on ad spend (ROAS) and target cost per acquisition (CPA) to leverage the google algorithm and identify further opportunities in the market. This works with a flexible budget, so long as we’re delivering conversions at the appropriate price and volume. This full funnel approach helped SVS reach new customers and reinforce repeat buying behavior from past customers.

Paid Social

After establishing Paid Search results, SVS hired LP to manage their Paid Social accounts and further build out a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategy. Before LP, SVS primarily boosted individual social media posts without a comprehensive plan and attribution model to refer to. Their prior strategy may have garnered a few likes here and there, but boosted posts are very limited in audience reach and demographic targeting, making them ineffective at driving leads to conversion.

Case Study - SVS Sound

To complement the success we saw with Google Ads, we deployed a full funnel campaign on Facebook and Instagram to close the loop with would-be consumers. This included specific ad creatives and copy combinations that worked best to prospect cold audiences and move them into the remarketing portion of the funnel. We targeted eight different prospecting audiences and mirrored our impact with lookalike audiences to reach even more users. Since SVS gave LP a flexible budget, we separated our campaigns designed to drive page likes from those designed to drive sales, to monitor success against specific goals in the account. After diagnosing a problem with the Facebook pixel, which was double firing, we outlined an attribution model and target return on ad spend at 6X to sustain the account.


SVS Sound has seen terrific year over year growth since partnering with LP, which is important since their products are built to last, making new acquisitions vital to their business. Paid Search achieved a 4.91x ROAS, growing their monthly budget from $38,000 to more than $141,000. Revenue more than doubled with a 134.84% increase from 680 conversions, up from 289 previously. Paid Social was no slouch either, delivering an 8.74 ROAS with an increase of monthly budget from $15k to $35K.

Case Study - SVS Sound

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