PPC Posts


7 Best Practices to Boost Your eCommerce PPC ROI

Pay per click (PPC) ads are an excellent way to reach new customers and bring back old ones. Even so, they’re not money-making machines you [...]

By: Cameron Marsella | January 4, 2023

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A Well-Placed Search Ad’s Effects on Organic Search Phrases

If you’re a digital marketing beginner, Google Ads might be a mystery to you. When you set up Google ads for an ecommerce business, your [...]

By: Billy Dunne | December 21, 2022

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How Does Recession Affect Advertising?

Running a company means reading the economy. Many of our clients have expressed valid concerns about a potential recession and how it might affect the [...]

By: C.J. Keepes | December 14, 2022

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Amazon Advertising

Unpacking 2022’s Turkey Five Shopping Data

The Black Friday weekend whirlwind is over, and marketing analysts everywhere are digging through the early data for clues about the remaining holiday shopping season. [...]

By: Matt Bowen, Drew Cummins, Tony Mers, Matt Goff | December 7, 2022

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Paid Social

How PPC and Paid Social Get New Customers to Add Your App

Apps are awesome, offering quicker transactions and better branding at the touch of a button. Even so, while apps are fantastic, you have to get [...]

By: Madeline Lapping | November 30, 2022

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Lead Generation

Expert Tips to Crush Your Lead Generation Strategy

Generating high-quality leads at scale is a big part of LP’s business. That’s why Google named us their Lead Generation Premier Partner of the Year! [...]

By: Matt Bowen | November 11, 2022

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