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How To Choose Your Social Media Business Platform

Social media is the ruler of the internet in our current digital era. This is apparent because nearly everyone has at least one social media profile. Chances are you, the reader, have a social media profile or two as well. Nearly everyone having social media provides businesses with a unique opportunity to gain brand recognition […]Read More

The Impact of a Social Media Campaign for Your Business

In the current age of digital media and social networking, businesses find themselves navigating a new world to reach their customers. Social media is continually changing, updating, going in and out of style for specific demographics, and adapting to the world. Businesses need to keep up with this rapidly evolving and highly complex industry to […]Read More

7 Components of Irresistibly Clickable Facebook Ads

Facebook is a social platform – but it’s not always an inclusive one. As advertisers, we are the outcasts of the feed, always one misguided post away from a “hide ad”. We want to fit in just as much as we want to stand out. Our intentions are obvious, so the way we present ourselves […]Read More

Finding Your Voice: A Guide for Social Media Newbies

What’s the big deal with using social media for business?  How do hashtags, handles, blogs, and viral vlogs have anything to do with a business reaching its performance goals? Is it all really necessary? […]Read More