YouTube Video Ad Design

Energize your brand and connect with new audiences through the most compelling form of online advertising. Our custom, professionally designed video ads are sure to pique your customer’s interest, keep them engaged with your brand, and drive them to your website.

YouTube™ Video Ad Design

TrueView Video Ads

TrueView ads are featured on YouTube and partner sites alongside related videos and where users are discovering new content. These videos are perfect for your business, as the cost-per-view (CPV) pricing model will take your advertising budget further while never having to pay for unqualified clicks for viewers to watch.

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Bumper Video Ads

Bumper ads are featured on YouTube, partner and publisher websites, and apps within the Display Network. Their cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) pricing model is great for your advertising budget’s bottom line. Since viewers can’t skip your 6-second bumper ads, they’re guaranteed to see your entire brand message.

Advantages of Our Custom-Branded YouTube Video Ad Service

Build New Audiences

Build New Audiences

Expand your customer base with captivating on-brand video messaging targeted at users on YouTube, apps, and websites related to your business and industry.

Energize Your Brand

Energize Your Brand

Our YouTube marketing services bring new energy to your brand’s image with immersive ads designed by professionals. Using your static images, video footage, and other brand assets, we tell your company’s story in the most compelling way possible.

Maximize Your Budget

Maximize Your Budget

Make your advertising budget go further by paying only when people actually watch your ads. Thanks to Youtube’s practical pricing model, you never pay for skipped views.

Retarget Viewers


We’ll remarket to viewers who’ve watched your videos by showing them custom display ads that drive them to your website. A designed companion banner will also run alongside the video to consistently remind viewers that your video and business applies to them.

Video Production Packages

*Pricing above is only for the video production work and does not include the additional ad spend required to run ads in the YouTube and Display Network. Advertiser must be in a current Google Ads package with Logical Position to add YouTube video packages. Not currently running Google Ads? Sign up now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The client must supply all brand assets (logo, imagery, copy) that they require in the video. Audio can be sourced through Logical Position from a royalty-free selection. If the client requires use of a particular audio selection or video footage where fees apply from vendor, the costs will be incurred by client.

An .eps file type is most preferred, as that will give the best clarity for scaling within the video. A .png file type is allowed, but must be at least 400 pixels wide or tall on its longest edge, and must be independent of its background (transparent surrounding the edge of the artwork).

It depends. We can source the logo file from the website, but it must be at least 400 pixels wide or tall on its longest edge. Don’t have a logo at all? Talk to our Graphics Team!

Yes. However, the client must supply Logical Position with a valid proof of licensing stating that its use is allowed.

Yes. The video footage must be supplied to Logical Position’s creative team for quality inspection prior to production commencing.

No. Voiceover is an additional cost billed at a flat rate of $75 for up to 75 words of script reading. Our team works with the client to develop the script, and once approved by the client, we then manage the production of the Voiceover directly with the artist.

Absolutely. Clients know their business better than anyone, and we rely on them to communicate their goals, ideas, must-haves, and needs prior to design production commencing.

Yes, Logical Position will supply the client with the final .mp4 video files.

Yes, clients will own the right to republish the video. Depending on the social media channel, the video may or may not be able to be used as-is due to aspect ratio and best practice specifications or requirements by those platforms. The Video Team can assist in consulting changes on a case-by-case basis.

Yes! The video team can create a 1:1 aspect ratio version of the video(s), billed at a flat-rate of $125 for the Bumper, and $375 for the TrueView. Minimal layout changes will occur, however any changes to the design or concept will not apply.

No. Modifications to videos are not included after they have been approved by the client. Requests for changes to existing videos can be billed at an hourly rate of $125/hour.