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Harnessing the Power of Microsoft to Grow Client Revenue

Microsoft Partner Awards Winner 2023


February 12, 2024, Seattle, WA — Logical Position is named Channel Partner of the Year by Microsoft Advertising. The recognition is complemented by top honors in six additional categories, including the work done here between Logical Position (LP) and Microsoft Advertising, in partnership with Satellite Phone Store.

Satellite Phone Store (SPS) allows people to communicate in nearly any circumstance by selling and renting satellite phones, terminals, and internet connection services. The company relies on e-commerce sales for transactional items, alongside lead-generation campaigns for high-consideration purchases that require a longer buying journey. Consequently, conversions were a critical performance measure.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Ad Spend

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Increase in Revenue

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Increase in ROAS

Answering the Call

SPS started working with LP in 2017, before electing to take their pay-per-click (PPC) program in-house in 2022 due to management changes. They quickly discovered that optimizing their PPC campaigns was difficult. With performance suffering, they returned to LP for help. Fueled by our strong partnership with Microsoft, LP was able to reverse a dip in performance and increase in conversions, contributing to a significant lift in sitewide revenue.

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Strengthening the Signal

The client’s goal was growing lead volume, but we knew we had to tackle tracking issues first, as their existing setup was not providing reliable data. Our primary objective was to optimize the user’s experience and implement detailed tracking across their website and other channels to gain a clear picture of user behavior.

Key Improvements Included:

Resolved issues with website structure causing tracking issues

Provided the client with actionable website recommendations to support user-experience and increase both phone and web conversions

Worked with partners at CallRail to set up call tracking and made use of automated tools from their Premium Conversation Intelligence™ to optimize toward qualified leads as conversions

Satellite Phone Store - Targets
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Finding Opportunities at Scale

Having established a baseline of performance with accurate tracking, we leveraged in-house automation scripts to identify new opportunities for growth in the account. It also highlighted the superior performance Microsoft averaged relative to other advertising channels. Based on these insights, we shifted more investment into Microsoft and were able to continue improving efficiencies within the account to drive profitable growth by strategically implementing Microsoft’s automation tools.

Untapped Potential on Microsoft Advertising Has Achieved:

Satellite Phone Store - Potential 1

Cost per conversions on average are 53% lower on Microsoft.

Satellite Phone Store - Potential 2

Total conversion rate (calls + purchases) is 174% higher on Microsoft compared to other search engines.

Satellite Phone Store - Potential 3

ROAS is 257% higher on Microsoft than industry peers.

Results and Clarity

Our team worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft and SPS, leveraging the latest of Microsoft’s tools to craft a strategy that tailored our proven best practices to the account’s unique needs in order to meet and exceed account KPIs at scale for the client.

Actions to Achieve Those Objectives

  • Automated Extensions to serve the most relevant extension for the user and their unique query
  • Ad Suggestions feature to generate copy and content best suited for the targeted keyword, landing page, and audience.
  • UET Insights tool to gather data on how users behave on the site from within the Microsoft Ads account.
  • CallRail integration to pass qualified conversion data into Microsoft Ads account.

Client Wins

In Q3 of 2023 the account experienced explosive growth indicated by the following metrics:

  • 589% increase in revenue
  • 238% increase in conversions
  • 459% increase in ROAS
  • 13% increase in budget
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Tips For Achieving Similar Results

Diversify your advertising budget in search of new audiences. Being platform agnostic is to your advantage, when stronger gains are attainable.

Produce a reliable attribution model before spending budget on advertising. Knowing how you’re obtaining new business is more valuable than the business itself.

Escalate issues with a trusted partner to expedite cross-platform solutions. Timing can be everything in marketing, so trusted experience can be mission critical in a crisis.

Consider user-experience throughout the buying journey. Even the slightest irritant can prevent a transaction from converting.

Leverage integrations like CallRail to ensure you have the full picture of data and are optimizing toward the most qualified traffic.

Staying Connected

Through a holistic approach that considered the impact of factors both inside and outside of the account, our team was able to work with Satellite Phone Store to create a strategy that would unlock stronger performance on Microsoft. By resolving site issues, implementing smart tracking fixes, leveraging customer data through integrations, and harnessing the best of Microsoft’s toolkit and features to achieve SPS’s goal of lead volume growth and eCommerce sales. On the heels of this success, SPS is set to launch a new brand under their broader business umbrella with LP as their go-to digital marketing agency and Microsoft as their advertising engine of choice.

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