Animated Banner Ads (HTML5)

Bring Your Brand to Life

Animated ads grab attention and communicate your company’s value like no other ad format. While static display ads are great for increasing brand awareness, they can go unnoticed by ad-weary customers. But the sleek movements of our animated ads demand attention to drive more revenue to your business.

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Tough to Miss

It’s human nature to notice movement, so animated ads naturally have higher engagement rates than static ads. Furthermore, our designers always use subtle, pleasant motion to encourage positive reception of your brand.

Maximize Your Exposure

We’ll create your ad in 10 different sizes to fully use each ad space. And for an additional boost to visibility, you’ll now have access to the valuable premium ad slots on the Google Display Network that publishers reserve for this type of ad.

Entice new customers.

Enhance your brand.

Enjoy higher ROI.

Deliver more value

Because animation involves changing imagery, you have more creative space to express the value of your brand.

Boost brand recognition

People recall dynamic and exciting visuals best. The next time a customer sees your brand, they’ll remember it.

Stand out next to static ads

Competition between ads is fierce. Animated ads will draw more attention than their static rivals.

What’s up with HTML5?

In the history of animated ads, Flash and GIF came first.
But Logical Position uses HTML5 to deliver content with the most current technology:


HTML5 animations use the most up-to-date technology to offer superb quality, small file sizes for smooth performance, and support from all browsers and operating systems.


Flash needs a third-party plug-in and has little to no browser or operating system support. Because of this, you don’t see many flash ads these days.


GIFs require huge file sizes to provide high-quality animation. This works on some social media platforms, but due to Google’s file-size requirements, GIF display ads have poor quality.

Animated Ad Service Breakdown

You send us:

Your logo, text and two static images.

We give you:

An on-brand animated ad set that engages customers on any device.

Your ad will:

Autoplay and loop

Your brand is dynamic and valuable. Make sure your ads reflect that.

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