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Creating an Effective Call To Action: A Guide

There’s an old saying that companies need to spend money to make money, and in the current digital age, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many industries are experiencing saturated markets because of the ease of access from wider audiences than ever before. With the fierce competition that exists now and continues to grow, […]Read More

Key Takeaways from the Cyber 5 Shopping Weekend

Back in mid-September, there was a lot of confusion and reluctance to discuss the way stay-at-home orders would affect online shopping in 2020. Many businesses weren’t prepared for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, almost a year into the pandemic, it’s time to reflect on how the pandemic changed digital marketing and explore the […]Read More

The Different Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon is a platform that is constantly developing new ad types and opportunities for sellers to connect with and promote their stores and products to customers. Sellers on Amazon know just how crucial advertising is on the platform and understand the value in learning everything about how advertising on Amazon works. Advertising on Amazon informs […]Read More

Creating a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2021

Amazon quickly rose as the most prominent e-commerce site online. Even large, established corporations quickly learned to adapt to the Amazon platform to keep their customer bases. The company caters to the online consumer’s sense of urgency and desire for instant or near-instant gratification through amazingly fast shipping speeds and the ability to shop for […]Read More

Knowing Your Target Audience in Digital Marketing

Marketing is continuously shifting and evolving. There’s such a variety of marketing methods that companies often have trouble allocating funds to multiple channels, despite how crucial it is. In the past decade, marketing has significantly shifted toward the digital landscape. With this drastic shift and the continuously growing importance of digital marketing platforms, companies need […]Read More