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“Let’s keep in touch.” We all say it so often, but we don’t always follow through. When your uncle’s annual Christmas card with the rambling letter doesn’t make it to your mailbox, you might not mind. In the automotive industry, however, not staying in touch with your customer base can be dangerous. When you’re too busy to draft some correspondence of your own, automotive email marketing from Logical Position can help you stay top-of-mind with your audience and truly stay in touch.

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Once you have your customers’ email addresses, you have a responsibility to send out high-quality, relevant content that won’t clog up inboxes or fail to catch an eye. Our email team will develop specialized promotional emails with compelling subjects and clear calls to action. These messages will concisely and effectively communicate what customers need to know. What’s new on the market? What needs an upgrade? If you bought Product X, how about Product Y? Auto repair email marketing makes sure customers remain aware of your services. If you run a dealership, consider implementing scheduled service emails that remind readers when it’s time to rotate their tires, check their fluids, and take care of all the maintenance tasks your dealership provides.

Our Philosophy

Send, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat.

Automotive email marketing isn’t just ideal for maintaining long-term relationships. It’s also a great way to make sure new ones start off on the right foot. Consider sending out a warm welcome to customers who are new to your business. Use email to tell them who you are, what you do, and why customers just like them will keep coming back.

But one of the biggest benefits of email marketing for car dealers, body shops, and other automotive businesses is the market research it provides. Email can collect data about your customers so that we can keep finely recalibrating your marketing strategy. Unlike other agencies, we don’t send and forget—we send and analyze. That leads to more mileage from your ad spend.

If you believe that email marketing can grow your automotive business, let’s get in touch. And we mean it.

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