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How Jared Justice Increased New Sitewide Users By Over 1,000%

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Jared Justice is an experienced defense attorney specializing in DUI and criminal defense cases throughout the Portland metro area. Jared opened his practice in 2009. Over the years, Mr. Justice has defended numerous clients with charges ranging from petty misdemeanors to serious measure 11 felonies. Through regimented practice and a passionate dedication to his clients, Jared Justice has helped people from all walks of life obtain the victories they deserve. Whether it is fighting unlawful government conduct or credibly presenting the case to a jury, Jared’s ability to advocate for his clients is outstanding.

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Increase in Keywords in Top Three Positions

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Increase in New Site Users

“I have been using Logical Position for SEO for approximately four years and using them for PPC for about two years. Prior to using LP, I was doing fine—but not great. They helped me get from good to great and practically doubled my business. Hiring an SEO company can be odd because there is nothing tangible that you receive for your money—and they say it takes several months to see results. Trusting the people at LP to handle my SEO and PPC was the best business decision I have made in years. Honestly, I would tell more people about them, but I don’t want the competition!”

-Jared Justice, Owner


  • To increase keyword rankings and site performance
  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • Increase brand awareness
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To improve the visibility and authority of Jared Justice’s online presence, Logical Position took a comprehensive SEO approach; LP focused on creating helpful, informative content to readily answer user queries. This strategy included optimizing new and existing pages with data-driven, keyword-focused metadata and content, as well as addressing technical issues, such as broken links, 404s, and improper canonical tags. LP’s consistent work to provide search engines with a crystal-clear image of Mr. Justice’s website drove record-level organic traffic and keyword rankings to the site.


Jared Justice is an optimal example of how investing in long-term search engine optimization can positively transform a business. In April 2016, Jared Justice partnered with Logical Position and committed to five hours of SEOC. Then in June 2016, Jared Justice upgraded his package with LP to a Local Standard campaign, and the two parties have continued to work together ever since. One month before starting with LP, Jared Justice was only ranking for 58 keywords with zero in the top three positions. As of January 2020, Jared Justice’s keywords increased 347% to over 1,200 total keywords, and 26 are ranking in the top three positions.


278 Keywords
39 in Top 3 Positions

January 2019

1,243 Keywords
26 in Top 3 Positions

January 2020

Google Analytics shows the overall organic traffic of the site is significantly better than when the partnership first started. Comparing year over year growth from January 2019 to January 2020, Jared Justice has had an exponential increase of 1,228% in users to the site and a 1,303% increase in new users to the site. With each passing month, Jared Justice continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.


January 2019
January 2020
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Increase in Users (sitewide)

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Increase in New Users (sitewide)

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Increase in Sessions (sitewide)

Blog Findings

Logical Position began creating blogs for Jared Justice back in late 2018. The mission was to produce blogs that seamlessly aligned with the client’s goals. In each blog, when appropriate, the writer provided a wide variety of relevant information, statistics, and sources, all while adhering to SEO best practices.

Blog Articles

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The Types of Misdemeanors in Oregon & Their Consequences

Published on April 23, 2019

Jared Justice - Blog Analytics 2
Negative Effects of Prostitution on Society

Published on February 20, 2019

Jared Justice - Blog Analytics 3
The Difference Between Emotional & Psychological Abuse

Published on May 23, 2019

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