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Save Time With AdWords Editor

As an account builder for Logical Position, I use Editor on a daily basis to build, optimize, and change campaign settings. Editor can be your [...]

By: Youssef El-Mansy | March 10, 2015

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News & Updates

Employee Appreciation Day Is March 6th!

There’s always something to celebrate. This week on March 6th, it’s your employees! What would you do without them? [...]

By: Mariah Ore | March 4, 2015

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Content Creation

SEO in 2015

Here’s a mind-blowing statistic: every second, 3.5 people look up “SEO” on Google. Why? Because more and more, achieving higher rankings on the organic search [...]

By: Mariah Ore | March 2, 2015

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A Quick Intro to SEO

You probably hear the acronym “SEO” tossed around quite a bit by fellow business owners. But do you know what makes SEO different than other [...]

By: Mariah Ore | February 24, 2015

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Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool

Combatting Click Fraud

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether your competitors could be clicking on your PPC ads, you are not alone. When your CPCs are high –and [...]

By: Mariah Ore | February 17, 2015

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News & Updates

Love Is In the Air at Logical Position

It’s that time of year again — the time of year when the grocery store aisles look like a toothache, singles everywhere begin to stockpile [...]

By: Mariah Ore | February 12, 2015

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