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Should You Change Your Marketing Budget During a Downturn?

The Business Cycle The business cycle is comprised of four parts. The first of these is expansion, which occurs during the time a business is growing, more employees are being hired, and demand for the company’s product or service is beginning to grow. The second phase is the peak, which is when business is booming […]Read More

Hats Off to Our Team Members: Here’s What We Accomplished in Q1 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. – MAY 12, 2020 – At Logical Position, we take immense pride in everything we do for our clients and our local communities. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives and the global economy, we wanted to take a moment to look back on everything that was accomplished in our […]Read More

Take Advantage of Google’s New Free Product Listing Changes!

Amidst the hit that businesses are experiencing as a result of COVID-19’s rapid evolution, many business owners will be happy to learn of Google’s newest update to product listings on their shopping page. Starting in late April, e-commerce retailers will be able to list their products on Google’s shopping page for free. This development will […]Read More

How E-mail Marketing Can Help You Survive Economic Adversity

The Internet currently holds the most valuable real estate for social interaction. Social media has become our bars, and e-commerce sites our shopping malls. Businesses are having to develop new routes that will land them on our timelines and in our inboxes. So, let me ask you this—as a business owner, how are you handling […]Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences

Any marketing campaign has an obvious objective; to expand a businesses’ success by bringing in more clientele. The majority of businesses have a specific demographic they’re looking to target based on factors such as age, gender, household size/income, and general interests. When you give Facebook a marketing budget, this determines how many people will see […]Read More