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Event Recap

Google’s I/O Conference 2015 for Dummies

Last week, the Google crowd and developers from across the world got together in San Francisco for Google’s largest developer conference of the year, I/O [...]

By: Mariah Ore | June 1, 2015

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Advanced SEM Practices

5 Tips for Getting Started With In-Page Analytics

Did you know that within your existing Google Analytics account, you can see a report that gives you a visual assessment of your statistics for [...]

By: Youssef El-Mansy | May 29, 2015

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Ad Auction

Top 8 Google AdWords Fails (With Memes)

In the PPC industry, there are some big mistakes we as Google AdWords professionals see over and over and over and over and…well, let’s just [...]

By: Mariah Ore | May 26, 2015

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AdWords Updates

Why We’re Stoked About Google’s New “Buy” Buttons on Shopping Campaigns

Google revealed this week that they will soon be testing a new “Buy” button on Google Shopping ads for select retailers, including Macy’s. It’s a [...]

By: Mariah Ore | May 22, 2015

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6 Easy Tips for Staying Focused at Work This Summer

So we hear it’s almost summer. In between four-day cloudy stretches in Portland, OR, we’re getting streaks of 80-degree weather that is perfect for picnicking, [...]

By: Mariah Ore | May 20, 2015

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Advanced SEM Practices

Logical Position’s Go-To AdWords Performance Checklist

At Logical Position, we offer free performance assessments, but there are plenty of easy ways for you to check your campaign’s performance on your own, [...]

By: Mike Weinhouse | May 18, 2015

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